Coach Pittman on possibly having more 2022 scholarships (column)

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The Ole Miss game should be a win-win for recruiting. We are “right there” but obviously need some impact help. The staff has the luxury of swinging for the fences with a couple of players, fussing about the numbers later.

By the way, we started six former walkons - Morris, Kern, Clary, Blair, Henry, and Morgan - and played at least two more - Thompson and Clark. Imagine if recruiting at the end of Bielema’s career, and during Chad Morris’ brief stay, had been better. Scholarship players at even 1-2 of those positions would at the least provide depth. The defense badly needs a breather!

Hoping we hear a few names start to leak out. Impact 2022 guys who can help next fall. Use the portal spots for portal players, and the 25-man class for HS recruits and keep building.

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