Coach Patrick

Did a very good job with the team today considering the last minute info on Muss. You can tell there is respect from the players.

Very nice job, very calm and cool, not his 1st Rideo

He knew at 10AM this morning that he would be the acting head coach tonight.

The good news is the game plan produced the victory. There wasn’t really any adjusting or need to call an offensive play with the game on the line. That all helped. Follow the game plan, sub as you want. That’s what muss said, that’s what happened, that produced a victory. But, it’s nice to see the CEM has a staff that can handle all of that and understands what to do while he’s out. Credit to him and them for that. We’ve got good, quiet, hard working players. That’s going to go far with this staff.

I thought the team played pretty raggedly in the second half.

And they played pretty raggedly in the first half of the last game.

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I think you can’t complain about too much when you win. Patrick made some quick changes with players on the floor when he needed too.

Your shtick sometimes makes me laugh out loud. This was one of those times. Thanks.

They were pretty rough defensively the 2nd half.

Happy to help you smile.

Hey, AC was a well coached team and really gave us some problems. We played well and won a tough game. Coach Patrick should be commended. Just my thoughts.

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