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Could we get an older coach that knows they only have a few years to get the program respectable again like UNC did with Mack? Butch Davis, Mark Richt, JImmy Johnson?

If anyone comes on this board again and wonders if Jimmy Johnson will coach at Arkansas, I’m going to spontaneously combust.


Just throwing out names dude, No need to combust.

During the last coaching search, I actually tweeted Jimmy Johnson and returning to AR to be HC, he actually respinded, “Does the Ocean come all the way to Fayetteville?” He has told multiple people that he’s very happy and enjoys the Keys and fishing everyday. I am pretty sure he will never coach anywhere ever again.


Johnson is 76 years old

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Guys, I am sorry if i was misunderstood. I was not necessarily implying that I wanted JJ nor did I want this to get into a JJ debate. My point was that maybe we should go the older coach route like UNC and ASU did with Mack and Herm. The Head Football coaching job suddenly is not as attractive as it once was. An older coach that may have some ties to Arkansas or SEC like the ones I mentioned may willing to do that. They know their job is to get us back to respectability so that we can attract a new coach later. I would love to have Mark Richt.

I think Richt has had some health problems.

I’ve come around on the Mike Leach idea. We wouldn’t win any SEC championships, but we would win some games, build the brand back up from the rubble, and definitely become interesting and exciting on some level again.

Then you could try to go big after Leach.

Having said that, don’t know if he’s gettable.

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I’m still recommending the head coach at Central Junior High in Springdale. If that doesn’t work, how about the coach of the Hellstern Middle School team.

In regards to the poster that brought up JJ, wasn’t trying to be negative, just sharing, he’s probably done.

As for Leach, I’ve said a couple times, and Clay kind of addressed this with his comments about the TT President, there are rumors of Leach having a Petrino complex with his bosses. Kind of turns some upper echelon guys (Pres, AD, BOT) off. Don’t think HY will want him for that reason.

Now, when I was told of HY supposedly talking to the BOT and him reaching out, he mentioned Norvell, by name. But like several others on here I’m hearing Norvell is now out. Whatever kept him from getting an offer last time is apparently still an issue.

As for older guys, I actually thought about Stoops, but I don’t think he’s interested (he’s got a HC gig in the XFL).

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As bad as this team has been, I’m a bit surprised Coach Broyles hasn’t come out of his grave to fire CCM and hire a good coach. I know he’s had to have rolled over a few times.

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Hearing Norvell is complete opposite of out. Lots of misdirection efforts about to ensue.


I do not disagree, I believe that’s exactly what HY is doing. The media kind of did it for him with the b-ball search (Sampson) and the PTB had their own pick (Beard), meanwhile HY was finding Muss.

Knowing Norvell’s name was the one supposedly mentioned to the board, it makes sense he’s out. They’re all looking at Memphis, and HY is looking elsewhere. When the media gets wind of a name, it’ll probably be followed as well. I’m pretty sure Norvell is just to get the BOT out of HY’s hair while he searches. If not and he’s the guy, I’m shocked.

All hires are great hires until they are not…

We are putting the cart before the horse here and I get it, but we currently don’t have a HC opening.
I don’t know what decision will ultimately be made and until we hear from the AD.
Will financial considerations be a determining factor in what decision is made or not?
Will the powers that be decide to retain CCM as long as he rebuilds his coaching staff?
I believe that much communication between the decision makers are most certainly taking place as we speak and hopefully they get it right.
As far as coaches to possibly take over if they decide to move on from CCM after two seasons, I think it will be a dicey proposition in this day an age of agents and buyouts.
Many on here are extremely high on Norvell, but for whatever the reason it doesn’t appear that he isn’t very high on the list by the decision makers.
As for older coaches, I see a lot of pie in the sky choices tossed about that would have no interest in this rebuilding process.
It would most likely have to be an up and coming coach or an NFL assistant coach looking for an opportunity.
I hope as all of you do that somehow Arkansas gets things headed in the right direction, but whomever is at the helm of the ship they will face rough waters before they find smooth sailing.

Go Hogs!

This job is going to require a guy with a ton of energy and a few years to build the program back to respectability. One problem with getting older is your desire and energy level go down, just like your enthusiasm. There are a few freaks out there like Nick Saban who seem to be ageless, but he is a rare person.

We are going to need a young guy or somebody who is at the top of his game to do this job. Before you snowflakes get on my case, I am 71 so I know about getting on up there.

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If we are just throwing out names, I vote for Rick Neuheisel. Maybe he would take on this project for a not so crazy contract as a way to get back in the game. If anyone thinks Norvell is going to leave what he has going at memphis without a huge contract and buyout they are kidding themselves.

Morris was never a great hire.

I think the best hire for this search is actually Lane Kiffin. Here are my thoughts:

  1. He’s still a young guy who has seemingly learned that the Earth does not revolve around him.
  2. He’s a dynamite recruiter–a silver-tongued individual that the young guys seem to love. Multiple people have said that we will need to recruit our way out of this. That’s still probably the case.
  3. We already know that he can call the plays for big games–and be successful at it. The buck is going to stop with him on offense.
  4. I don’t think the big boys are going to come calling for him if he gets us 8-9 wins. He had his chance in both the NFL and with USC; it didn’t work. He’s not an up-and-comer. He’d likely have to get us to at least a conference championship game and/or New Year’s six bowls to even be considered, which means we don’t have to worry about him getting the program “respectable” again only to lose him to a better program.

The downsides:

  1. He just tends to rub people the wrong way with his California who-gives-a-crap vibe.
  2. He does not have that Arkansas-Texas pipeline that so many fans want.
  3. He’s Lane Kiffin.

I think Kiffin, at the very least, will stabilize the program back to a 6-8 win team. If you want to move on after that, I say, go for it.


I don’t know who, but I do know no matter what happens, we’re going to be stuck with the new guy a LONG TIME!

That’s why you hire a WINNER, pay the money, and the UA needs to finally commit fully to winning football games. We have been left behind by the rest of the SEC.