Coach options if you were hiring?

If what I hear is true, some legs to bielema being the successor to coach Snyder over at Kansas state.

Therefore, you are hiring, choices?

Mike norvell. Young with Arkansas ties. Hasn’t been a head coach for long. Defense hasn’t been that great either

Gus His legend lives on both sides of the state. Can be thin skinned and acts a lot like nutt

Sumlin. Knows the state of Texas. Should be able to recruit. However can’t break through with resources at am makes you wonder could he at Arkansas

Dave Clawson. Has built multiple programs and has wale bowling again. Might could get his defensive coordinator back from notre dame.

Brent venables. Great defensive coordinator never a hc before

Blake Anderson. Has asu bowling again and about to win sun belt again. If gonna go sun belt might as well get him

Seth littrell. North Texas coach. They play Kiffin for conference USA championship. Knows Texas and runs spread. Will replace kingsbury if he gets fired

Dave aranda. Defensive coordinator at LSU. He and Tom Herman were roommates in college. Knows defense.

Leave any out? Thoughts on group

Scott Frost C Florida he is 10 and 0 this year he should be number 1 on our lst

Good candidate especially seeing that Florida and Tennessee are flirting with others.

He would be a steal.

I left frost off list due to him either going to Florida Nebraska or staying at ucf. He ain’t coming to Arkansas

Mike Leach. Great offensive mind. Has coached in the south. Never has been at a high profile school and brought bottom teams up

Mike Gundy. And a decent DC.

Jeff Brohm

Brian Harsin

Watched Mike Gundy against Iowa State and not impressed.

Gundy is not my first option but he has built a winner in a small school that had never won before. We could do worse

HC vebables
hire kendal briles as OC

I don’t want anything to do with the Briles family. Father or son. Kendal was part of that cesspool at Baylor too.

For documentation:

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I doubt we’ll vary from our longstanding must-have-HC-experience policy, but if we did, Venables would be OK with me.

Why would anyone even mention some named Briles? Daddy is sleaze-bag #1A
I don’t want Leach for the same reason.

My main thing is hire a good man that is also a good coach.

Most of our head coaches over the years HAVE been good men. And I was always proud of that. I want to win…badly…but not at the cost of dignity. If you cheat or embarrass your institution by being a jerk what’s the point of winning? The Razorbacks aren’t just a win or loss instrument. Those kids and their coaches also represent a university, state and fanbase.

Sports is NOT strictly about winning. And to anyone that says its STRICTLY about winning…please don’t work with kids. Ever.

If it were just eliminate rules and let everyone cheat and steal ad libitum.

I almost agree with you here.

In general, sports is not strictly about winning. But in collegiate sports, it mostly is. The coach is making millions (but the kid can’t make a dime off his likeness).

There is a difference in saying it is all about winning when you talk collegiate sports and when you talk about Little League.

We bitch and complain about safe spaces and microaggressions and being triggered, but once someone complains about a college athlete’s free throw shooting, field goal kicking, or ability to get a bunt down, we get all bent out of shape.

I don’t know the answer. I cringed as my brother-in-law booed when Cole Hedlund bricked two chip shot FGs v TCU, but I also cringe when I see people get up in arms when someone says something they don’t like. Seems like we want to pick and choose when it suits our cause.

Of course, I could be making a mountain out of a molehill here.