Coach Odom

Given the HC openings, will we be able to hold on to Odom?

Only three FBS openings left: Arizona, Auburn and La-Monroe. I can’t see Odom taking any of those, and Auburn wouldn’t take him anyway.

Agree Swine. Don’t know about the AZ situation, but probably not a good fit

The rumor is that the Navy coach, whose name I’m not going to try to spell, is the frontrunner at AZ. He played in college for Dick Tomey, who was the most successful recent coach in Tucson.

Who knows what Aubie is going to do, but reports have them promoting DC Kevin Steele.

Ken Niumatalolo

I know, easy for me to say.

I think it was Clay reporting and seems reasonable, Aubie is a little short in the checkbook. :sunglasses:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I am a 100% Coach Odom supporter but doubt he is high on the list as the head coach for any of the current vacancies. Contrary to what many on the board feel, being recently canned from Missouri and assistant on a 3 and 7 team doesn’t make for a great Resume. I think he is good enough to turn things around and get himself high on the wish list of future jobs.

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