Coach Odom was impressed

… with the turnout and the enthusiasm at the Catfish Hole tonight. I mean really impressed.


Great news Marty. Get CBO pumped.
But he’s been around long enough to know that can all go sour quickly. Fans are fickle.

There is not a hungrier fan base in America

Just give us a little hope and a few morsels of quality wins next year and we will be ecstatic

We may be the only School in SEC history where if you win 4 or more games you can become the Coach of the year and the fans will pack the stadium to see it

Hope and excitement is returning with each coaching hire and new recruit

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How about the recruits?

Let’s not kid ourselves. A portion of the fan base will turn on him at the first opportunity – or doesn’t like the hire to begin with.

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I’ve only been at the Catfish Hole for one recruiting night. There are no words.

Lets not kid ourselves. This is not unique to Arkansas fans.

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Swine your being a little “drama queen here” as outside a couple people I’d say the reaction has been very positive and hopeful considering we’re probably top worst p5 program

No it isn’t but CSP is not going to get an extended honeymoon unless he starts winning fast. Even with Nutt starting 8-0, the fans started turning on him in year two.

I suspect after the two horrendous hires many fans will be on edge. I also suspect that Pittman is a smart man and understands this.

I believe Sam will get it done here, and I am prepared to give him a few seasons to do that.


I was very doubtful about CSP hire. I thought surly not, when I heard the first rumors of us hiring him. FF almost one week after the hire I’m 99% bought in. I have listened to several of his interviews and read several articles on him. He comes across as a down home humble guy that really wants to be here and is willing to do whatever it takes to regain a respectable reputation for the FB program. With that said I stand with Sam and really hope he wins at a high clip. He gave the best indication that he was real yesterday with the hiring of Odom (SEC HC experience).


In my opine, we got way too much dead money being paid out to coaches that no longer work here for Pittman to be on a short leash. People need to adjust their thinking and contain their bitching for the near future. Pittman is it folks, whether he wins or loses. He is it until we get some of this dead money off the books. I hope he thrives here, but I also understand if he does not, we still have to ride him for awhile regardless. So with that mindset, I’ll vow not to get on the board and call for his firing for at least 2 full seasons no matter how bad we do. I hope that’s all a moot point as he will be doing well and the urge to vent will not be there. Personally, I hope he is still here in 5 years. That means good things are goin’ on! YESSSSSIIIIIRRRRRR!! SOOOOIEEEEE!

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The main thing we need to see next year is improvement durning the year. If we had seen improvement this year the fans not not have been as as impatient with Morris

Morris completely lost the team - probably easiest decision HY has had in terms of letting a coach go

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I like your post Votan, I’m down with that! Iwe are at such a historical Lillie I believe that CSP is going to oversee an unbelievable turnaround in a relatively short period of time. In the past the open spots on our roster would be very bad, but with the advent of the transfer portal I think the Hogs will put together a formidable team in the not too distant future

The used car Salesmen needed to hit the road! Long before the fans turned on him his players turned on him!

Coach Pittman will get the everything out of the players that they are capable of! Improvement can seen just in effort.
Next season if the hogs can just win 3 or 4 games and be competitive in games with the exception of Auburn, Bama and LSU I’ll be satisfied!

The revolving door firing coaches has to stop! At some point time is the only way out of the cellar.

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Spot on, couldn’t agree more. WPS

Odom hire is money in the bank, I like his toughness and the experience to help CSP if need arises! WPS

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I too wonder how fans will react to another 2-10 or worse year which I think with that schedule a possibility.

Everyone thinks these guys are magically gonna play for him. I hope they will. I thought they would for coach Morris. Gonna be a tough go at it for next couple of years