Coach Odom interviews at tulsa

Dean Blevins is reporting tulsa has formally interviewed coach Odom this week for their position. Says high school coaches association is supporting his candidacy. Wish him well but hope we can keep him.


That’s a hard job… I’m not sure I’d take it over the Arkansas DC job…. But if he goes , I’d wish him luck ….I think that would or could mean we’d be hiring an entirely new Defensive staff…

TU had major financial obstacles early in the pandemic. Frank Haith (hoops) and Philip Montgomery had to take pay cuts that were substantial. It was very hush-hush, but I’ve heard that he made less as HC than Odom did as DC this year. No indoor facility.

It seems to be a job for a young guy looking to make a name for themself, not a chance to reboot your HC career (late in the game, in my opinion).

As a school, TU’s regents were stealthily taken over by friendly votes from the George Kaiser Foundation (the guy who gifted the city of Tulsa the Gathering Place, a $300M park facility along the now-dry Arkansas River). They got rid of (again) their education programs and kinesiology program, along with a boat load of “liberal arts” degrees that might be attractive to athletes. They replaced those with tech-intensive degree plans designed to anticipate the nexxt 100 years of digital commerce, etc.

All of that to say, TU is more a dead end then it was a decade ago. They have a track record of hiring offensive-minded HC’s and that may be the requirement here - someone who can instantly bring some pizzazz to the program (a defensive-first coach can win games, but they aren’t always sexy, unless you are Bret Bielema). (That’s a vague, cheap reference to “borderline erotic”)

Didnt we have a DC that took the head job at tulsa a few years ago. IIRC that didnt turn out too well for him. I wasnt surprised back then. Of course, Odem is hc experienced. Burns wasnt.

Keith burns went as head coach. Barry lunney was offensive coordinator on the staff

i dont think he was ever an OC at tulsa.

Lunney was a position coach at Tulsa. He was the offensive coordinator for Fitz Hill at San Jose State after he left Tulsa.

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Just don’t see Odom taking the Tulsa job. Yeah their Conference isn’t great, but recruiting would be difficult. Getting quality assistant coaches is another challenge. Could be wrong though. We’ll see.

If you don’t see him at Tulsa, wonder why he drove over there to interview?

As I said, I could be wrong. And one never really turns down a meeting with someone who offers you a job. You hear what they have to say. And to show your current employer that your not married to the job.

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The rumor this morning is that Odom has been hired by Tulsa.

I wonder who Sam will target to replace him?

With what we’ve been paying CBO, we should be able to get about anyone. I think I read recently that CBO was one of the highest paid, if not the highest, DCs.

I think Odom is new Tulsa coach. Bout time to fire up the DC Hot Board

Ryan Walters should be on it.

One of problems of losing Odom means he will take sherrer the LB coach to probably be the defensive coordinator.

Pay wise I would think this would be a lateral move for Barry if he does go there.

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Montgomery was making about the same as HC as Barry is making here as DC. I would think TU would have had to bump that up to get him.

I would tend to agree with you on this. I guess if he wants to be a HC again and also stay in this geographical area, TU might be a good opportunity.

Losing MS would be disappointing for sure.

Curious decision if he is heading there. The school is not flush with cash so there will be some challenges.

He worked at Memphis before Missouri so he knows the territory well.

I think it’s all about wanting to be a HC and knows there are not any P5 opportunities.

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Agree on both of those points.