Coach Odom dividends


It’s amazing to me to consider just how invaluable DC Odom has been and will continue to be for CSP. As the Mizzou HC, Odom defeated UA four consecutive years. He knows the UA’s weakness’ as good as any other SEC coach. And that includes recruiting within the state of Arkansas. I am not surprised of the 25 recruits that 16 play defense. A bunch of DLs, LBs and DBs. All greatly needed.

I am also confident film reviews of the last couple of seasons and Coach Odom’s personal assessments led to the decision to extend the Fourth Quarter an extra week for additional weight room workouts. Being a LOS conference, the UA has been physically dominated the past few seasons.

The addition of CSP and his stellar staff including DC Odom may not result in an immediate turn around of the program but I think it will result in stopping the bleeding and return pride and effort to the team, the program, the UA and the State. The ripple effect of the UA football team, good or bad, is far ranging.

I’m starting to feel the good vibes all the way out here on the south shore of Oahu.



Couldn’t agree more, Guy. we may not go to a bowl this season, but the 4 year clown show appears to be over.


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Other teams won’t be laughing at us any more .

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