Coach O on Arkansas


“‘There wasn’t going to be a celebration for beating Arkansas. They haven’t beaten anyone in a long time,’ he said.”

— Coach O

Ouch !! If that doesn’t bring out the best everyone has from AD,BOT,Coaches,players and fans. That’s about the worst insult that there can be. We have one more opportunity this year and I sure hope our program finds a way to pull it out. WPS

We are just pitiful. We can’t even figure out where a first-down marker is. Coach O could’ve said a lot more. Glad he didn’t. This was enough.

A couple of weeks ago I shared a link to the PAPN podcast - one of the hosts said he talked with an SEC coach who said off the record that Arkansas was one of the most poorly coached teams he’d ever seen and one of the things he mentioned specifically was our lack of situational awareness on the field. Thought of that tonight as guys gave up on plays short of the first down marker.

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I don’t really feel sorry for Coach Morris for this reason. He just did an awful job of coaching this young team. Yes, it’s young. But not making the line to gain when there is a clear path? You see mistakes made by this program NO ONE else makes. Starting with the North Texas kickoff return last year…Laughable. Gotta move on. But it’s been a disaster. Glad Morris is home watching Highland Park now.

HP might beat this team.

I don’t know. Rumor here is Morris is now helping his son and HP break down tape of Frisco Lone Star, a team that beat HP earlier in the year. They play in playoffs this coming Friday. Morris’s involvement well could spell doom for HP.

Not true, but he did make his mistakes.

If that’s true—and I don’t doubt it is—it actually gives me some hope. It means the talent isn’t nearly as bad as our record suggests. It means a good coach can come in and bring us immediate & noticeable improvement. Nobody expects us to contend very soon, but 4 wins next year & less embarrassing losses would be nice. Surely that’s doable even if we replace one of the 4 “patsies” we played this year with Notre Dame.

Do i hear taps playing?

I agree with this to a point. We have talent but we do not develop it or put players in position to utilize those talents. We also need more time in the weight room for the linemen and more speed in secondary and at linebacker so more recruiting has to be done. The right coach who can evaluate talent and utilize the talent on hand can right the ship sooner than most of us think when we watch these games. How soon the coach is able to do that is how soon the current mindsets can be changed on the existing roster. Portal and junior college can make that a faster recovery. Wrong coach and it is worse than the past 8 weeks. HY has big job in front of him as we do not know who is interested and there will be more opening in next week besides FSU to compete for our $.

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As I pointed out clearly during yesterday’s game first thing the next HC will need to do is address the lack of size and quality of depth on our O-Line and D-Line versus those position groups in the SEC’s top 8 programs.
I understand that we had injuries as well as players that quit playing for personal reasons and some misses in recruiting and player development.
Having said that, you have to recruit, sign and stockpile these position groups every recruiting cycle so that you don’t end up playing guys that should be redshirting their freshman season to add size and technique before actually playing in the SEC when they aren’t ready to do so.
The next HC will have to be able to bring in some immediate help in these position groups and have the guys that remain here add much needed weight and strength.
Next years schedule is not going to be forgiving to a program trying to turn things around and I can’t see more than 3-4 wins when you put a road trip to Notre Dame in the non-conference and then you look at who we play at home vs away on the conference schedule it doesn’t set up well for next season.
AD HY has his work cut out for him with trying to find the coach that both wants and fits the needs that this Razorback rebuild will require. I don’t envy him, but certainly hope he gets the right guy in the job.

Go Hogs!

I felt sorry for our freshmen right guard last night, as he was going against players weighing 30-40 # more than him and it was all muscle too. I saw Agim put on his back a couple times and that was just the LSU size and strength and no reflection on Agim. But young players going against older ones in this league makes everything looks worse than it is if compared to what it would be like in two years.

Agim is just another disappointing 5 star recruit to have come to Arkansas.

I thoroughly believe Agim would have had an outstanding year/career if we had more players on the end. We haven’t had 2-3 DE’s with SEC talent in a long, long time.

If Randy Allen retires, wouldn’t be surprised if Morris took the job at Highland Park.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Morris is coaching SMU again soon

No way. SMU doesn’t want him. And Dykes isn’t going anywhere. The HP job is a better yet still remote possibility. I suspect Morris wants to give college ball another shot in some capacity.

Agree - SMU is slightly less interested in Morris returning than we would be. He’s not thought of kindly down there.

Nice of Coach O keeping so many of his first teamers til the end of the game & continuing the passing attack so as to run up the score. Hopefully we will soon reciprocate on LSU.

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