Coach Neighbors

Over time I have developed a greater appreciation for the Women’s game, for such a long time, I only followed the game enough to see the if Hogs won (because I would root for the Hogs hop Scotch team), but this guy is different and he is building a program to be proud. I love the progress they have made under him and relish the idea of what Women’s Basketball will grow to under his leadership, but I think I appreciate his passion for all things Hogs as much as anything. Watching his last press conference and his connection to and affection for Barry Lunney was very neat. His eyes came alive talking about Barry and you can see his relationship very clearly, but also see his love for the Razorbacks.

He is very good at his craft, but he appears to be more. Can we replicate him in hiring a football coach? If so, I think we would be fortunate.

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Amen, agree totally. We have s good one.

Coach Mike Neighbors is a Razorback!
He is as much of a fan of everything Hog as we are! If the AD can fill the athletic department up with people that are all Hog the better off we will all be!
His ladies show his energy and enthusiasm when they hit the floor.
He is a winner!

I’ve had the pleasure of short visits with him twice. He’s a very likeable guy.

And a great coach.

Should be fun times during basketball season from both Hog programs in near future.

It already is! Both men’s and women’s basketball will be fun to watch this season. Of course the men need to add some height and that won’t happen until next season!