coach neighbor and his contract

when does his contract expire?after the performance his team gave in the women’s tournament and the improvement shown in the 2 years he’s been here…maybe HY and the board need to give him an extension and a raise.there is no greater feeling then knowing that he is bringing us back to respectability in the women’s game.the national commentators were singing his praises through the tournament.know there is some height on its way for next year which will help combat the teams like Miss State and S.Carolina who always seem to have a 6’4" or taller center.

  1. Yes, he’s doing a great job and I hope he’s here for a long time.

  2. It amazing how so many want to keep paying these coaches more and more. The amount of money college coaches make these days is disgusting.

BTW, I don’t know what the UA pays Neighbors, but I’m certain it is more than adequate.

Gary Blair said in his news conference after Saturday’s game that the best hire he ever made was Mike Neighbors… Got him to leave a high school job that paid him $72,000 a year to join his staff and earn $14,000 a year… Because Neighbors wanted to coach at Arkansas… I assume Blair meant $14,000 more than he was making but it wasn’t clear… I would post the video on here but I don’t know how but the video clip is on the Pig Trail Nation Twitter feed

Adequate maybe, But Showing a little appreciation for a job well done to a coach who said AR was the dream job he wanted won’t break the bank. In due time of course.

Gonavy, I think CMN said he took a pay cut to be an Arkansas assistant coach…His salary was $14,000 ( A $58,000 pay reduction)

That is correct

Yes, he took a $58,000 pay cut to be the first director of operations at Arkansas. He previously had been at Cabot High. I wrote about that quite extensively when he was hired: … th-dream-/

Mike is in the second year of a six-year contract that pays him $600,000 guaranteed, plus incentives. That base is more than twice what he was being paid at Washington after a Final Four run. Arkansas also paid $1 million to buy out his Washington contract.

Personally, I would be surprised to see him get a contract extension after his second year. I think it’s more likely it could happen next year.

If some other school starts sniffing around him, HY might accelerate that process.

No, he meant $14,000 total. Neighbors took a $58,000 paycut to be basically a waterboy at Arkansas to get him into college coaching. That guy had the guts to do what it took to make his dream happen.

Southpaw, do you understand the concept of “Market Value”?

Mike left a top 10 national job for the No. 14 job in the SEC at the time. I think he has made it clear this is where he wants to be, including to other programs.

You’re much closer to the situation than I am. However, I’ve always thought that if you have a coach you really want to retain because of his job performance, that you should never leave him with less than a 4-year term contract. Just because of recruiting, I’d like to see him get a 2 year extension after this season. A raise would depend on what was discussed when he was hired.

I’m probably out of touch and not in the mood to debate.

However, too much of my budget is CURRENTLY going to supporting overpaid coaches and their excessively large staffs.

He might still have a lower level SEC job but it’s a lot better than it was when Jimmy’s Jet took JD out of BWA. Might still sneak into the Dance as an 11 seed; Hogs are second on Charlie Creme’s last four out. I wouldn’t want to be a 6 seed preparing for Chelsea Dungee.

Southpaw, if you pay like a Division II program you get Division II coaches.

You are right. HY should increase his salary and give him a huge buy out.

Hopefully, it will work out better with Neighbors than it did with B.B. More decisions like that and HY will be looking for a job just like Jeff Long.

So what are you proposing? That we hold the line on coaches’ salaries while Saban is making $8 million and Calipari is making $7.5 million and Dawn Staley at SoCar is making $1 million (edit: It’s actually $2.1 million)? Mike Anderson is barely in the top half of SEC head coaches salaries.

Let’s be careful.

This team finished 6-10 in the conference and may not make the Big Dance. I don’t think Mike is asking for a raise or is going anywhere.

Remember in Pelphrey’s first year, after we beat Oklahoma and Texas back to back, some proposed a raise and contract extension?

On the flip side, some are wanting to fire a coach after making the tournament 3 of last 4 years and then missing the tournament this year and going 8-10 in the conference.

If they make the tournament next year, it would be a perfect time for what you are proposing.

Let’s be careful.

And we gave Bielema the extension after he beat Texas in the bowl game. Two years later, buh bye.

I don’t think Neighbors is going anywhere either, but if you think he’s the guy to put us up there with Moo U and SoCar and Baylor in women’s hoops, you don’t take any chances.

What if they sneak into the tournament this year as an 11, PJ? Would you lock him down now?

Yeah, if they get into NCAAT, we would be on safer grounds then to do what OP suggests. That would show a significant improvement that justifies it, in my opinion.

I still wonder how NCAA selection committee evaluates our win over the Aggies, since they played without Chennedy Carter. Worried about that. What do you think? It would be so nice to get at least one basketball team into the NCAAT,