Coach Muss's press conference today shed some more light

on his philosophy of playing only 6 or 7 guys.

He said while being an assistant in college after most games he would go in the locker room and some players would be mad about their playing time. He said the parents would get mad, aau coach would get mad etc. He said he just couldn’t understand why you would have 13 guys that were eligible to play knowing that you were going to make 4-5 of them mad.

So he said he wants at least 4 guys red shirting and or sitting out due to transfer rules at all times. So this is really going to get interesting next year. Lets look at the roster if Joe and Jones come back.


Out of these guys I guess you could say Henderson, Chaney and Iyiola would most likely have limited minutes. That leaves 10 other guys. We all know what Joe, Sills, Harris and Jones can do and I think we all know what Moody and Vanover can do but Devo, KK and Williams aren’t chopped liver.

Seems like coach may have to change his thinking or he’s going to see upset players, parents and others after the games. Or he thinks that Joe and Jones are leaving and maybe one or two of the bigs may transfer out. After listening to him today I don’t get the feeling he’s going to ever lengthen his bench by much.

One thing he said that I really liked was about other teams, so far this year, playing more players. He’s noticed that teams are playing players they don’t usually play, thinking that we are going to wear down. He said with conviction that we are not going to wear down. He was basically saying that the opposing teams are playing players off the bench that aren’t as good as ours and its working for us.

Coach is really in depth with his answers. Always makes for great listening.

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I used to disagree with those that said MA had trouble getting blue chippers because they wanted more minutes than he was willing to provide.

Maybe, I was wrong.

Oh I thought Harris was a SR… he may have limited time nxt yr then.

Not exactly breaking news. His history shows he rarely plays more than 8. It also shows why he never had a player begin and end their career under him at Nevada. I posted all this in detail when he was named as coach.

Joe just poured in 34 on the road. He’s looking a lot more like a pro to me.

Is it just me or do you just like dogging everything I post?

So I should have referred back to your post when he was hired…lol

I don’t see anything in your reply that was called for. If you don’t like my post how bout just not say anything.

You just always have to be a smart ass for no reason. Really gets old.

No doubt daboar. His ball handling worries me a little but if you can shoot the way he does I’m sure the NBA will work around that. He is an elite shooter.

He would have had if he’d stayed one more year. Lindsey Drew was a CEM freshman recruit who is a 4 year starter and a Sr this year. In today’s college basketball, it would be difficult for any coach to have many over just a 4 year period at a school.

Don’t post anything that swine doesn’t line up with Harley…lol…God forbid we post on here without checking his old post first.

I had pretty much the same thoughts about recruiting long term after hearing him explain his philosophy.

It will take a few years to see whether he can stick to it or not. Maybe if the recruit figures he is going to be good enough to crack that top 7, then no problem.

But I can easily see a big exodus routinely if guys don’t see playing time in their future. That puts pressure on getting a sit out transfer just for practice depth.

Oh well. That’s why he makes the big bucks. And we are winning.

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I honestly don’t look at names when I reply to posts. I think y’all are just a tad too sensitive. I couldn’t tell you who posts what in here. I see something that I want to reply to and I do. Nothing personal, vindictive or any other paranoid fueled word you want to use. I’m too old for silly back and forth. I simply posted a reply.

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Im 52 and too old for your same ole stuff. Im far from paranoid.

What does the team do for conditioning? Last spring when a bunch of them were out at Baum I asked if they were still going to be doing Cleveland Street hill and they just laughed and said no, with relief. Nolan and Mike liked that long steep run, but it may not have had any real provable benefit. Whatever Musselman does seems to be working based on our late game heroics. That pro experience with the constant grind is valuable and not something seen in the college game until tournament time rolls around.

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