Coach Musselman

Reminds me of Jim Robkin.

He and Morris know how important it is to have a strong student section. Like Dudley said he’s very good at promoting.

I’m trying to imagine Sutton or Holtz doing that … and I can’t. I love it though. Get the Trough full again and BWA gets that much tougher.

Dudley could answer this but it seem like Sutton was in the promoting mode in his early years in Fayettevile.

Very cool!

I got to Fayetteville/worked for the athletic department before DD did (August '78; he was still a Newport Greyhound then). Eddie might have sent pizzas to the students camped out for seats in the sawdust-floor days at Barnhill, but I doubt it. Certainly by the time I got there he wasn’t doing any of that.

I just checked with Charlie Fiss, who has been around UA since the Ice Age, and he doesn’t remember Sutton doing any promotion on campus either.

I remember Coach Sutton, Sidney Moncrief and I think Ron Calcagni visiting the old Dillions Supermarket in Springdale back in 78. I waited in line and got all their autographs. Was thrilled at the time.

I don’t know what the former coaches did or didn’t do to promote their program. I know I sure am impressed with our coach now and his enthusiasm! He sure seems to love his job.

I believe that Coach Muss will be a great winner and just what Razorback Athletics needs. I expect to make the tournament this year. Give him a couple of years to balance his roster and then we will be a regular in the second week of the NCAA tournament. Good times ahead for Arkansas Basketball.

One thing for sure he is a direct opposite of the previous coach in marketing, being visible, being hyper on and off the court and being always in the news guy.

Mike Anderson was a quiet, behind the scenes and almost an invisible coach on and off the court.

But what is more important is winning. Regardless of some opinions on this forum, Mike did win well at UAB and Missouri and respectable at Arkansas. Let’s hope with his approach Musselman can win more like Mike did at Missouri or better. If he does not, in your face coach can wear on you. Nolan was in your face and in the news all the time. When he stopped winning big, he started wearing on people.

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Having written a book about the history of Arkansas basketball back in 1995 and doing research for it, I know Coach Sutton did a few things upon his arrival to promote basketball, but it was not a big thing like things have become during this era.

The main thing he did was recruit and win. That’s the best manner of promotion.

One of the best things that ever happen to Arkansas basketball was the replays on KATV, which got the program to more people.

I was a Memphis State basketball fan growing up because I lived just over an hour from Memphis and five from Fayetteville at the time. But even more, it was because Memphis State games were replayed on TV all the time and its success.

Thinking back again, I think what Eddie did in the way of promotion was a lot of rubber-chicken circuit speeches to Razorback clubs, civic groups, things like that, which is also what Frank Broyles was doing in '58 and '59 for the football program. Coaches in that day just didn’t interact with the student body like Muss does.

I read Muss is wanting to play 1 game in Barnhill. Anybody else see that?

I cannot imagine how that would work. Barnhill has been reconfigured for volleyball and for gymnastics. Gymnastics season is during basketball, and I’m not sure how they could do that. Although it might be possible.

Well, it seems that it is a done deal.

Growing up in eastern arkansas you never got Arkansas games. Memphis state games were the deal in the old Missouri valley conference. When Eddie started winning we would have to drive to Forrest city to get KATV and watch the games.

Exactly…apples and oranges. :sunglasses: