Coach Musselman shooting his shot with 4 and 5 star targets (column)... … prospects/

He believes that if you can convince a McDonald’s AA to go to Reno Nevada…then with Arkansas facilities & fanbase you can chase multiple 5 Star players.

It’s one thing for me to holla at a Kardashian …its quite another for a NBA player to be given the same opportunity. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Getting 4 stars to sign with Arkansas has not been an issue. It is signing out of state 5 stars and some in state stars thatvare wanted by blue bloods that has been a problem.

I hope he can land those 5 stars that we couldn’t get before, with his NBA profile. Getting 4 stars will not be a game changer.

PJ, I must counter with the observation that should he get all 4s, even with no 5, I would be most happy. With good coaching (hopefully available with the new hires), I am just naive enough to believe that it would be a game changer. However, it certainly would not ruin my day to have a 5* or two mixed in with the remaining 4*s.

It will be interesting to see how he does.

You have it right if you assume Muss is a better coach than Anderson. A lot of fans are assuming that. I am not.

I think EM will turn out to be a better coach than MA, who I will be keeping an eye on at SJ.
However, it has to be proven :sunglasses:

I may have a different opinion after a couple of seasons.

Not trying to take a (controversal) position on either coach, but how many 4s did MA have on the roster last year? At my greatly advanced age memory perhaps leaves something to be desired, but I do not recall that many 4 (or higher). From my viewpoint, it is hard to speculate how well MA would have done had his roster been more highly rated. Get enough really good players, and I’m not sure that the coach really needs to be that good (though it undoubtedly helps) so long as they play as a team and not “hot dog” individuals. Conversely, even a great coach has trouble making an untalented roster perform at championship level.

Gafford was a 4. Joe was a 4. Sills was a 3. Henderson was a 4 in a couple of services and didn’t do squat. Garland was a 3 and apparently will never play again. Notice that all of these were in-state. Let a couple of these leave and the wolves would be howling about how Mike couldn’t keep players in state. So he couldn’t win. Either he didn’t sign enough stars or he didn’t sign enough Arkansas kids.

Last year, Gafford, Embery-Simpson, Chaney, Henderson and Joe. Gafford was a high 4 star and the other 4 were on the low side of 4 stars.

The problem with last year’s team was that it was freshmen dominated and two sophomores were newcomers to the team. Take the same team, replace Gafford with someone even not as good as Gafford, and you will have a very good team next year and even better year after that.

In the Andy Katz podcast, Muss mentioned that Mike had assembled good talent but it was young.