Coach Musselman shooting his shot with 4 and 5 star targets (column)... … prospects/

Thanks for the article, Dudley. It looks to me like Coach Musselman is very likely to start consistently bringing in very high level recruiting classes. Obviously there’s no way to say whether he is going to get a specific recruit, but speaking generally, it looks like he’s about to raise the overall level of recruiting here to a level we haven’t seen since the program’s glory days. From everything you’ve seen about him so far and your knowledge of recruiting, would you say that Coach Musselman appears to have the qualities to make Arkansas a consistent destination for high level recruits again?

As long as we don’t find out he is just “Free Fallin” or “Just Another Face in the Crowd”.

Maybe he can bring us from “Out in the Cold” and start “Makin’ Some Noise”.

I just hope he is not “Too Good to Be True” and while he is “Learning to Fly” at Arkansas maybe he can make something “Built to Last”.

I’m feeling “Alright for Now” but “I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better” if “It’ll All Work Out

Hmm… this Tom Petty stuff is easy… As I know and have most everything he has ever done, I could go on and on, but I don’t want people to start on a “Breakdown” and begin “Jammin’ Me” and end up telling me “Don’t Come Around Here No More” so I “Surrender


Qualities? Yes.

But we’ll see how the staff pans out and what he can get done early.

As I said, certainly shooting his shot though