Coach Musselman on his Zoom said

He was asked about developing any new way of recruiting virtually:

“We probably have, but we don’t want to share anything that’s not already out there,” Musselman said. "I tell our staff every single day, whether it’s a text that they wake up to every morning, or talking with administration, or talking with the sports information department, there’s no excuse right now to not be as good of recruiters as anyone in the country. I don’t mean top-10, but from a recruiting standpoint. Right now everybody is equal.

"How quickly can you put together virtual presentations? How creative are you getting in your virtual presentations? How much are you changing the virtual presentations? Are you creating new ones on a weekly basis? How do you not become stale? To just say ‘hey, we’re going to do a virtual tour of campus’ and you’re only doing one of them. Guess what, somebody else is doing two and three.

"On a recruiting aspect, the landscape has changed. It’s never going to look the same I don’t think. This virtual stuff is going to stick around, and I think that’s a good thing. I think you can educate people a little bit more on your program than just waiting for a visit. I think you can find out what is real and not real even before an official visit on campus.

"Then there’s always the evaluation piece that, right now, has changed. We can’t read body language. You’re evaluating on live stream, and so forth, so we’re going to be extremely patient in recruiting this class and try to eliminate as many mistakes as possible. Whether there’s an NBA draft, a Major League Baseball draft, an NFL draft, college recruiting, you’re not going to bat a thousand. Nobody does in any sport.

“So you just try to do it as best you can from an evaluation standpoint and gather as much information. Right now it’s really hard and challenging to get a lot of information, so we’re going to be a little bit slower than in the past as far as how we go about things moving forward.”



Additionally, I would safely assume networking is more invaluable than ever before due to the inability of NCAA coaches to visit/see recruits in person. The NCAA coaches with the best network can reach out to someone who they trust to provide personal insights of a recruit they personally know or have seen in person.


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