Coach Muss?

What is the latest on Coach Muss? Is he able to attend practices?

I have no knowledge on this at all, but I bet the big challenge would be to keep him still and not jumping around or making sudden movements. His wife may be able to keep him home and still, but no one else would have a chance.


He won’t be coaching tonight, we know that. With my knowledge of shoulder surgeries, I’d be surprised if he can be back by Saturday.

Yes I was pretty certain he wouldn’t be on the bench but my question was if he was able to attend practices.

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Obviously I don’t attend practice, but all the coach’s quotes this week have been from Smart. I suspect the boss (Danyelle) is not letting Muss out of the house.

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I as a fan don’t want him out of the house. . . . doesn’t need to re-injure it, he’ll be out even longer if he does.

Not sure I agree. After my shoulder surgery, I could wear a sling and go on my regular walks within 3-4 days. I couldn’t drive, but Muss can get from here to there without driving himself around.

What prevents him from attending practice and standing and watching and yelling and coaching?

They were at the Lady Razorback vs South Carolina Sunday sitting in the stands.

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Muss was doing well enough to attend the SoCar /Hogs WBB game Sunday.

He still gonna swing his arms and stomp around watching the game on tv, so what’s the difference then being on the bench?! Lol

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yep he was there at Ladybacks game in his sling.

I remember how I was a week out from RC surgery,shoulder is really weak and it doesn’t make much movement in the wrong direction for it to let you know real quick it didn’t like that and him being hyper on the sideline I would be real careful,its just an annoying type deal all the way around.

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