Coach Muss Zoom

Curious how many of you watched the Zoom with Coach Muss last night for those that renewed their season tickets?

Had the top 3 asst’s on with him. Everyone seemed genuinely excited and fired up about the team. He was very complimentary on the freshman.

At one point he did say we had “12” players. Obviously could have meant practicing at this point in time. He didn’t address Isaiah that I heard (wouldn’t expect him to on this forum) but there were some technical issues early on in the call so I could have missed it.

Overall very positive.

I was on it as well. Noticed that Moser made some sort of comment about Baybay that “they hoped to get him here soon” or something like that. so I guess he hasnt been around either?

Wonder if Iyiola is stuck in Nigeria and cannot travel to US or he has arrived back in US and under the automatic 14 day self quarantine?

I missed that about him. Probably when I was having some technical issues.

Anyone know where we can watch this? Recoded?

They sent out a link to season ticket holders that had renewed their tickets. If you did that I’d reach out to Razorback Foundation and I’m sure they’d get it to you.

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