Coach Muss was awesome on Finebaum!

This guy is so articulate so well spoken he just made a fan of Paul for life in about 10 minutes. Great things are in store for the hogs in basketball in the coming years cannot wait!!

I sure would like to find a replay of this. Can it be posted on here somehow?

You might want to check YouTube

Try googling Paul Finebaum show, most of his segments you can view as podcasts

I found the podcast of his interview on Stitcher. It’s at the beginning of the 4th hour. Audio only here. Haven’t found any video. The Paul Finebaum podcast.

Thanks for posting that. Good listen

Just Googled it and was able to listen. Coach is so good at these things.

This year is fun. Can’t wait until he gets a few more and diverse with which to play. Can this ole heart handle anymore of those NCAA games that we know going in that if it goes well, we have a real chance going deep into the thing. Been years and years since that happened. It could happen again in a short time with this guy.

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I just listened to Muss’ interview with Finebaum. Muss had another home run interview. This man can do it all. Coach, recruit, press relations, and building excitement in the student and fan base. So far, Muss has exceeded my expectations by a mile. Basketball is fun again and with Coach Muss, I expect a long, winning program that can once again compete at the highest levels of college basketball.

One thing I especially like and appreciate on his post game interviews is how he explains how he might have adjusted to something the opposing team was doing. A change in the defense and why and how they did what they did.

He hadn’t used many time outs this year, but in the TCU game he called one in the first two minutes when Samuels was going crazy down the lane. Came out stomping and yelling, did whatever he did, and Samuels didn’t do that again.

No offense to earlier coaches, but when I watched the other team shoot unopposed open three’s for years and we did absolutely nothing to stop it, I could never understand why we didn’t adjust.

So, I enjoy knowing Muss sees what is happening and will ‘probably’ come up with something.

Mike was going to trap you no matter what and hoped either we’d make a steal or their open shooter would rush a three; he wanted to get the opponents playing too fast. After we beat UNC in the Final Four in '95, one of the UNC players said he knew exactly what we were trying to do, and it worked. We got them playing too fast. Sure they got some easy buckets along the way, but in the long run it worked. Most of the time that plan worked (5 of his 8 teams were over .500 in the SEC), but not enough to get us into the third weekend of March.

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