Coach Muss’s Cracks Me Up

I get tickled watching his game demeanor. Muss is passionate based on his display on the bench. It reminds me of watching my boys at T ball or other sports when they were young, getting all aggravated after a bad play or whatever. And he knows when and how to rev up the crowd. It makes me laugh watching a grown man act like this!

He appears to absolutely LOVE his job! It becomes him.

I like it because it is exactly how I am feeling on the inside as the game is going on.

It also a small piece of why his players play so hard for him.

Agree about the observations of Coach Muss. As I watched the A&M/Ole Miss game last night, I thought the same thing about Buzz Willams. Both Coach Muss and Coach Williams are excellent basketball coaches. Soon, Arkansas and A&M will both be consistently recognized as 2 of the top teams in the SEC and 2 of the hardest playing teams in the country.

Buzz was an absolute card last night against Ole Miss. I laughed throughout the game at his sideline demeanor. Muss is animated also. Love him as our coach.

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