Coach Muss PC

Just watched it. Scored 142 - so what. We did not play good 3 defense and must rebound much better. Already has NTS broken down and how to attach them. This guy is such a real deal coach.

I am sure these guys know it, but if not they are learning fast that if they don’t play sound defense, the minutes will not be there. I just love how he approaches the game.

Of course, we had them way over matched (sort of nice for a change), but he still demanded solid, smart play (he mentioned how proud he was of the guys executing a play properly in the last min.) I remember watching Bama run all over one of our football teams. In the last two minutes with them leading by a typical score, one of their players did not execute whatever properly. Sabin got all over that guy. When asked about it, he said he expected his guys to do it the right way no matter. That I think is the way Muss approaches it. That will get you a lot of Ws.

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I love coach Muss because he keeps it real… I know we faced basically a HS team but I can see why I have heard him say hes concerned about our lateral quickness because Jackson is not a great athlete and Moody isn’t as athletic as I thought he would be. We are probably going to struggle on the boards again this year when Williams is not in there because we do not have a big man outside of him.
I think this team has a lot of potential because we have a lot of people that can shoot the 3 but we seem to lack inside presence just like last year which could hurt us against the better teams.KK needs to start at PG he is just so smooth and silky and is a much better shooter than I thought.
This team is going to be fun to watch especially if we get better on defense.

Interesting that you compare Muss to Saban. I was thinking the same thing as I watched the presser.

This team has tons of potential. Lots of scoring options, unlike last year. Once Coach fixes the defensive issues, this might be a 2nd weekend NCAAT team.

I had read reports about how Moody had improved his hop and is more athletic now. Moody camp here also told me the same thing. But I was disappointed to see not enough progress in that area. He did not look any more athletic than Isaiah out there. Still love the guy and rooting for him to do big things here. He has so many other skills, But he certainly didn’t look athletic enough to be a first rounder.

Yes I think he has great potential, He’s a great shooter just like Isaiah and if he can learn to attack the basket the way Mason did and Isaiah was starting to do, he can be a dynamic scorer.

I agree and was a bit surprised it showed up against a team this bad. One thing Mason Jones proved though, is you really can improve your athleticism if you’ll work really hard and work on the right things.

Moody is already a better athlete than Mason was, so IMO, he can improve his athleticism pretty dramatically if he’ll hang around for 2 or 3 years. He has excellent basketball skills and a high basketball IQ. That could make him a 1st rounder.

I can think of a lot worse things than Moody playing at least a second year at Arkansas. Fingers crossed.

This is crazy. He’s played one game and some have already decided he’s not athletic. Amazing!!


Spot on Jerry’s. Just enjoy the moment Muss has this

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I don’t believe that anyone said he wasn’t athletic. The only thing I saw was that someone said he didn’t appear to be “1st round NBA draft” athletic. ie pretty much world class athlete for an NBA guard. That’s different than saying he’s not athletic. Moody is definitely athletic.

I watched the game and I really can’t see how anyone could be critical of a single player who played! I thought they all looked great!!!


You’re not wrong, Harley. Moody isn’t overly athletic. He has length and is a good shooter. He’s a really good fit for the system. Isaiah Joe is a little better athlete than him and he went late 2nd round.

I keep hearing about how unathletic Mason is, but, to me, it takes athleticism to score at will off the bounce. Moody doesn’t do that. Mason did all the time.

Mason is really underrated because he doesn’t have flashy dunks. But it takes athleticism to do what he did in the SEC last year-especially with teams game-planning to stop him. He was the focal point of every team’s defense and was essentially playing PG (which is easier to game plan against and try to jump) and he still put up monster numbers.

Moody will be a very good player, here (perfect fit for the system) but people really need to tap the brakes on the 1 and done talk. He’s not that guy. And, I know what the projections say 1 game into his college career but they’re wrong.

I am not that concerned about Moody’s athleticism from the Arkansas team perspective. I only brought it up because I was led to believe that it has improved dramatically and I didn’t see it. Athleticism is the reason he got downgraded to a 4 star and the same thing will probably make him not a one-and-done.

However after watching Auburn yesterday, I am concerned about athleticism of our front court. It seems the Auburn front court can run circles around our bigs. Smith is very athletic, but he is only 6-7. Others are big and are great shooters but not very mobile. I was really hoping Iyiola would play this year. He did look like one of the Auburn guys on film.

Talking about Auburn, just how good is Gonzaga? They destroyed Auburn today, 90-69.

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You watched AU, yesterday, and are concerned about them? Interesting. I think they’re down and there’s a reason they’re self imposing this year.

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That’s what I’m thinking. They’re hoping to use their no-postseason year on a team that won’t make the Dance anyway.

Nope, not concerned at all about Auburn. I was just commenting that while watching how athletic their bigs are, made me think about our bigs. Auburn does not have shooters this year and their bigs, while athletic are not skilled offensive.players.

I sure hope we beat Pearl and auburn this year

Yeah, even though while Auburn is down this year, Gonzaga was awesome and seems to be on track to get their first NC.

We’ll get two chances. The SEC opener at Auburn Dec. 30 and the rematch at BWA three weeks later.