Coach Muss energy

I just love his energy! The fans live it and get fired up so does the players as well! Haven’t seen this in a coach in quite some time at Arkansas! It fires me up at home watching! WPS!

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Muss was fun to watch tonight, especially late when our D was wrecking havoc getting turnover buckets.

Reminds me of Nolan’s early days barking orders above the crowd noise…


But I think Nolan was not hyper like Muss. Muss is kind of unique. Intense and hyper. Being a calm person myself, it is going to take some time to get used to it.

I think that energy gets to the kids. Seems to work for Pearl.

I’ve got to admit it bothered me a bit in the past when they would show the bench and I’d see Watkins and Cleveland stone faced and seemingly staring into space.

I guess it depends on if we win or lose. If we win, it will be cool. If we lose, then I suspect it will wear on people after a while.

Agree 100% with your post, especially the last paragraph. But I do think different coaches motivate different ways. For example, Coach K seems calm on the bench.

BTW, these new assistants don’t seem any different than TJ and Watkins on the bench. Those guys have to remain calm because they have duties such as who has what fouls and how many TOs are left.

I am okay with Muss being hyper. I will get used to it soon,

There are lots of refs that would disagree with you. I’ve seen him go pretty beserk with the refs throughout close games. But, I agree with you on his “coaching style”. He can chew on refs with the best of them though.

I think his wife agrees with you, and still isn’t used to it. :grinning: