Coach Muss at PC

I always enjoy these and learn much (I think) about what coach is thinking and planning. It seems the team made some nice steps forward over the last week. N. TX is not a bad team and the Hogs played them much better than the week before.

It is obvious that he is going to hammer board play, overall toughness and ball sharing this week. It is all part of making a team out of a bunch of individuals. All of these guys have been “The Man” on their prior teams. Now they must learn to be part of a team and to follow the plan that coach sets out (there will be no doubt at all who is boss and the boss is probably the smallest man on the court). If they want minutes, they will learn to play real team defense the way coach wants it played. They will learn to share the ball and to get it to the player who has the best chance to score. They will learn that the number that matters is the Arkansas Total and not how many an individual makes.

Coach is bringing them along and he will get them where they need to be. I am sure they already know that it will be work, lots of work, and if they don’t do it, they will not play.

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