Coach Morris

I read on here from various posters that they are “Certain “ he is gone after this season. My question is this biased on real knowledge or speculation.? Has HY said something or does someone know something from BOT or perhaps a major donor? Are there real sources or just guesses? Big difference! Just would like to know.

Not saying he should or should not be gone. That is not the question.

There is someone tied to the BOT that posts on here. That person said he’s staying.

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  1. We can’t afford the buyout.
  2. If you don’t like Morris, you will really not like the best they will be able to get after firing a coach after only one full recruiting class.
  3. During his 4th season, if the program is not strongly headed in the right direction, THAT will be the soonest he will be fired.


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Those people are gonna look real stupid if we wind up making a bowl.

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Coach Morris is like a lot of executives. He tends to trust his subordinates. If you don’t, then you are already on a slippery slope. I’m guessing he is thinking hard about what changes he needs to make to the staff at the end of this season. Having a “blind eye” is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Sometimes you just have to be the bad guy and tell someone who is probably a friend, as well as a subordinate, that they are going to have to find employment elsewhere. Tough love.

So far it seems no one REALLY knows anything. Please speak up if you do. Just use sources please

UI don’t think anyone knows for sure what will happen. I do think 2-10 or 3-9 would result in a change for the following reasons:

They can afford it - no longer paying BB or any other former coaches, ADs etc.

Per the recruiting writers, if the losses pile up there will be more decommits and recruiting has been the only thing this staff has going for it. Without good recruiting there is no hope.

Attendance will plummet significantly down the stretch if the losses pile up. Tangible evidence of falling support will be hard for HY and the PTB to stomach.

In addition to 2020 decommits, it will be next to impossible to recruit off of back to back poor seasons with an HC squarely on the hot seat going in to 2020.

Chad is not Hunter’s hire - ADs love to put their stamp on the biggest revenue sport.

At the end of the day, 2-10 or 3-9 and 0-16 in the SEC would result in a program with no confidence, no enthusiasm, and no hope for better days.

When this happens ADs sometimes decide take drastic action.

I haven’t seen any posts that have said “he’s gone” regardless of the rest of the season. There have been many like jacksonreid’s above. I agree with his post, and have said before that I don’t think any Arkansas football coach could survive 2 consecutive 0-8 SEC and 2-10 overall records. Not just CCM, but any coach. I see this to be especially true if we have a last 2 SEC games crash and burn this season like we had last year.

I wouldn’t expect the final decision to be made until after the MO game, even if he loses to W.KY. Now, if he beats a couple of SEC teams this next 2 months, then I’m sure the decision to keep him will be, and should be made.

I agree - 2 more wins and he definitely stays IMO.

In the grand scheme of things a pretty darn low bar, don’t you think?

I think we just keep hiring and firing coaches until we find one that can win immediately … I mean 15 games and one short recruiting season should be plenty for any coach to win at least 6 including 2 or 3 in the SEC West right? Apparently all the bad players we had last year along with all the 18 year old freshmen are suddenly good enough to win. I’m sure all the current recruits will hang in there with the new coach, there won’t be any transfers etc… so… sounds like a plan!


Again, a couple of sound reasons why some think he will be gone, but that is a long way from knowing; therefore, at least so far, no one can say “he is gone” with certainty. Just that they thank he will.

Anybody have real source?

The idea that anyone knows for sure right now is crazy. I think he will be back for next year regardless of the record. That said, I said the same thing about BB at this stage of his last year. Things went really south and I was wrong. With BB it wasn’t just the record. I think that will be the case with CM. The record matters, but it is about a lot more. Do we have a lot of decommits? What about commits?

It is about HOPE. If UA can still sell hope, he stays. If not… he MIGHT be gone.

Money. I realize we are not paying BB right now, but don’t be silly enough to think that is guaranteed to remain the case. We may well end up paying a lot of money to BB.

Image. No matter what some say, it will hurt us with potential coaches if we fired the guy they are replacing after 2 years. It would make me think more than twice about taking a job if I knew the last 3 guys who had it were fired (JLS was in effect fired) due to their lack of success and one was after one year and one was after 2 years.

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I didn’t say it’s a good plan… it’s a bad plan.

But is keeping a 4-20 ( 0-16) or 5-19 (0-16) coach with nary a P5 win in five years of coaching a good idea? Is it a good idea if key commits jump ship throughout the season? Is it a good idea going in to 2020 for recruiting purposes if the HC is at the top of every hot seat in the country?

If what I think is going to happen happens - 2 or 3 wins with several beatdowns there are no good plans.

It’s a matter of which is the least bad plan. If I’m HY My decision, in part, would be based on the likelihood that CM has at least 5 wins in 2020. If I think it’s unlikely I make the drastic move because a firing in 2020 is inevitable anyway. If I feel change is inevitable then get on with it.

Get one SEC win - just one - any everything I’ve typed above is IMO moot.

Can Morris get one SEC win?

I guess my sarcasm gets the best of me at times… I don’t completely disagree with your it’s just frustrating that we’re having this conversation 16 games into his tenure.

If CCM goes O’fer in the SEC and only wins one more game then I think year 3 is probably his last bet. I don’t see them letting him go after 2 years regardless, well maybe if he gets completely blown out in most games then probably.

I just hate to see us change coaches so quick since the recruiting is really picking up, we have players now that can compete in the SEC and some nice up and comers that will be a factor in years 3 and 4 (including QB). The next coach would have to be a big win - someone that would keep the current talent and excite the commits and prospects otherwise we’re not really better off. Don’t see that happening or it would have happened before now.

I do think a change needs to be made in some coordinators (defense for sure) and I suspect those changes will be made. We should be able to get an SEC win this year… should. Can he get that win? I don’t know nor does anyone else in reality… only time will tell.

My very limited sources haven’t mentioned the DC one way or the other, but has advised the the OC is going to be out for sure. I have also been told of one coach that will be added to the staff (not necessarily in the OC roll).

I don’t like playing the “I know something but won’t tell game” but I honestly don’t know how good of a source this person is. I am using this alleged info about a coach that will be coming as a test to see.

I agree about the recruiting picking up - my concern is it won’t continue on that pace if this season spirals our if control and furthermore I think there would be more defections. And then how do you recruit forward ( 2021 class) with hot seat talk being rampant in the national media ? 3-9 or 2-10 and that’s what it would be and, frankly, deservedly so IMO.

My guess is that no one knows at this time, but you would think there is some benchmarks that have to be met by seasons end. I also believe those benchmarks have nothing to do with wins or losses other than possibly a loss at WKY and I think that could prove to be devastating. That’s my two cents worth and it means absolute nothing as it’s just a opinion with no inside info, but I’m almost positive a win today would remove all doubt as to wether he’s here next season. WPS

Well there’s only been one “defection” and there’s not been any indication it was due to wins/losses. Timing was suspect but it appears it was actually prior to that game.

If we started losing a lot of the commitments then that certainly would change the picture but that’s an IF. To me that’s borrowing trouble we don’t have at this point. What if we suddenly turn into a great team and win several SEC games? You can always do the if thing.

If kids read this board and others they’d think all the fans want him fired today prior to the game so there’s that.

I have not heard anyone who I think has credibility (and none otherwise) suggest he’s not going to be the coach next year.

HY is the ONLY credible source for this question…yet the overwhelming urge to speculate amongst the fan base is more than can be suppressed. Belima drove this program into its current state, and Morris can only rebuild so much each season. We won’t know until year 4 the progress made, thus any notion of replacement prior to that timeline would be somewhat premature. Losing sucks, and hope feels better, but REALISTICALLY we can measure this adventure by a bowl game appearance in year 4.

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