Coach Morris said he will likely sign 22 players in the 2019 class...

He noted he has 15 seniors and usually works with a number of six on losing guys to the draft or transfer, etc.

Coach Morris said he has “82 or 83” on scholarship right now, but will be at 85 when all is said and done.

The Razorbacks currently have 17 pledges in the 2019 recruiting class.

Spivey, or another RB, Henry, and 3 OL get you to 22. They won’t turn down Catalon should be choose us, so we either lose one, or take 23. I know, the numbers will work themselves out…

So 22-17 =5
3 OL
Trey Knox
Jalen Catalon
1 RB
A couple others that are escaping me, ahh Jadon Jackson and Kendall Young are a couple i remember.
And the math is not quite working out.

So, does that leave Kendall Young, Jadon Jackson and Derick Hall out?

And as mentioned in the first post, Henry is a given (if he decides to commit, and we all hope that he will).

LOL how do I forget Hudson???

Maybe CM needs to go back to his board for a little math checking session.

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My take away, Arkansas plans only to sign more two O-lineman. They don’t expect to sign Jaden Jackson, but expect to sign a rb, Hudson Henry and Kendall Young. Arkansas will sign more than 22 if it is someone they just can’t turn down.

• 2 OL (although 1 or 2 of those might be addressed via grad transfer so I am going to list 7)

• TE Hudson Henry

• TB

• ATH Jalen Catalon or best player available

• WR Trey Knox or best player available

• Best player available

They obviously could use another LB or two, would not turn down a difference maker on the DL although I know they are loaded so far.

Fluid and moving parts

Some could simply be left out if they don’t get in sooner than later

They definitely take Melvin McBride and or one or two of the Jucos at Lackawanna if they want to come

Not sure if you mean 2 more OL, but to sign less than 4 quality OL in this class and it will be a failure regardless of ratings imo, and probably need to be 5. If we need to cull a DL or DB to make that happen then so be it.

Coach has been around long enough to know to expect a commit or two to potentially flip. It happens. We don’t want it to happen, but people will do unto the Hogs what CCM will tr to do unto others (i.e., a certain OU commit).

How confident are you about Knox and Henry Dudley?

Extremely confident on one and pretty confident on the other

As noted, I expect them to end up with four total OL - whether it be high school, junior college, grad transfer or just transfer period.


I made the mistake of assuming everyone understood the discussion was about the five remaining slots to be fill, not about the total number of scholarships.

I guess his/their tune has changed. Back earlier, it was we “had” to sign 5 OL in this class because of their low scholarship numbers. We need 2 high school OT’S for future development, or we will constantly be in this predicament. And how can you wait until a grad transfer becomes available? I understood taking the JUCO who would have been immediately eligible if he could have enrolled, but I hear we aren’t even recruiting him for 2019.

Anthony Wighan is a bad boy and is my top pick of all the remaining OL recruits Tim Anderson is another very good OL just not sure what our chances are with him.I think is Mcbride is ours and has a lot of potential.