Coach Morris on SEC TV

I watched the very short video of Coach Morris on SEC TV, talking Xs and Os about the Run-Pass-Option. It was very illuminating to me to see the reads that he expects his QBs to make, every play. I can understand how it would be hard to keep up with the pace and how the brain could be slow to process initially. Getting the receivers onto the same page, particularly the WR on the initial “Yes/No” read, is hopefully something that is being refined during summer workouts. I know it is a lot more complicated than he made it out to be, but just that short segment greatly increased my knowledge of modern offenses.

Yea that was a good segment. Basically RPO football is just taking what the defense gives you. Rather than a more old school approach of “I don’t care how you line up, we will still run this play”. Nearly every single play will have an RPO, whether it is pre-snap or post-snap.

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Here is a link to the video. Unfortunately, you need to find something to do for the 30 sec advertisement. Coffee?