Coach Morris a Good or Great Hire?


Reading the dig line of Hog Treat, who says;

“Out players and CCM deserve our support. This is a good hire.”

It stuck me he would dig line that because sig lines imply a lot about the discussions a writer is having - It appears Hog Treat has heard enough of anyone who thinks Coach Morris is not a good hire

If I’m following Hog Treats implied meaning

I agree Coach Morris is a good hire infavt I am hooping he will be a Great Hire - even better than JFB

I contemplate and wish Coach Morris has been hired when Coach BP was fired

But then looking at it realistically

Maybe we needed a Interim Coach that would make us realize just how good Coach Morris is

I was against the Coach Bret Hire because he seemed so ill suited to the personnel and style of play Stkansas had available

But banter the John L Smith interim hire Coach Bret looked like Moses coming down from mt Sini

Despite my reservations Coach Bret’s swagger and style grew on me - I truly liked him

But what we got was failure - again

Now I’m thinking we had to have a Coach Bret to appreciate and be ready for Coach Morris - besides three years before When Coach Bret was hired Coach Morris resume was far weaker than it is now

I’m hopeful that we will look back and be grateful for Coach Morris because

  1. He has a blue collar work ethic and respect for the people of Arkansas that I precede as genuine and refreshing rebuilding ties with Arkansas grass roots football programs

  2. He has a record where he uses the talent he has and is successful

  3. He doesn’t hurt himself in front of the camera or microphone making him a good ambassador for the State and then the university

  4. He can recuit because of relationships as well as program in the great state of Texas (which is not the same as Utexass - Spit)

  5. I expect we will see exiting attaching football again - that fills seats imho

But the problems are:

  1. Welcome to the SEC which acronym means “Simply Eats Coaches”

  2. Tired fans who are just hanging on to a rope of success duesntbcone soon I think the only fans that will be left will be Alumni
    (because of relationships of having gone to UA)

And Fans of “Arkansas” - like myself - who love the Razorbacks because they represent Home “Arkansas ”

will grow tired of so much disappointment and start to accept Arkansas time as a football power is past and us indeed a lower tier program that reflects poorly on the State - because we are attached by how the Prigram represents Us as Arkansans not the educational degree

The Razorbacks are in a touch place - where like Nebraska and West Virginia etc they represent more than a University - they are Srkansas Ambassadors who fans of the State hope we can be - winners

Hope everyone can hold on and give Coach Morrus a chance - I expecting 6 wins and a bowl win or better

Please forgive the long note

time will tell. I like the hire and I like the way he is getting kids on campus, now the question becomes can he begin closing the deals as Clemson did a few years ago. That will happen if we see the new coaching philosophy pay off in wins.

Going to be fun to watch this develop


There is no way to know whether a coach is a good hire until a few years down the road. Even then it might be difficult to tell. I thought Bielema was going to have success here after the way the 2015 season ended, then the wheels fell off.

I think Arkansas will improve a lot offensively under Morris. I have little doubt that he is going to have teams that can score with just about anyone - maybe not this year, but after a couple of recruiting cycles.

The question that I have with every team that runs the hurry-up is how well it can play defense. Morris’ teams at SMU did not play good defense and John Chavis’ units at Texas A&M were not strong when they were asked to take the field every few minutes. Can they make it work at Arkansas? We’ll see.

As Alabama, Auburn and Georgia showed last year, the best defensive teams still win the most in the SEC. And Alabama and Auburn fielded good defensive units while employing a fast pace on offense.

It is entirely too early to say. He may be a good hire. He may even be a great hire. Then again, he could be worse than what we’ve had. I really doubt that last sentence, but the point is it is way too early to be asking this question. Bret looked like he was turning the corner, but then he lost Pittman. Assistants came and went like rats jumping off a ship, and the next thing you know the program is in complete disarray. CCM may get Arkansas to a bowl game this year. He may get us close to 10 wins the next year. And, for whatever reason, the wheels come off again. Ask this question again in three to five years. We should know the answer by then.

I think he is good because of the Texas network and respect which will be pivotal. We already see good kids from all over on campus visits.

I was about post, “Ask me in about 5-6 years” then I see almost everyone else said the same thing in a different way. Nobody hires a bad coach, but everybody fires one. (Well, some places are too dumb to know the guy they fired really did a good job. i.e. Ole Miss-David Cutcliffe) There is just no way to know.

To paraphrase Bill Parcells, “you are what your record says you are”. Now, he was talking about his team. But I maintain that the same applies to coaches and their records at a school.

Check back with me in 3 or 4 years.

Seems most are in full agreement that time will tell if the hiring of CCM was a good move or not. As long as expectations are realistic the first few years things should go well for him as he implements his system,but once your system and your recruits are in place expectations will rise. Hope he proves to be the guy that turns the Hogs into a contender, if not then 4/5 years from now we will repeat this thread again, really hope that’s not necessary! WPS

Most think Gus is s great coach …

Compare Chad and Gus after year their OC years

Who has better high school record against better competition?

If we would have hired Chad after his OC years at
Clemson we would be doing flips .

With all that being said the jury is still out on Morris

TBD… but, to this point I love his demanding attention to detail and tough love that he appears to have. His tenure will be heavily dependent on recruiting as it always does and that won’t be known for a couple of years.

Like everybody else - no way to know at this time. He seems to be doing right but so did Bret. I like a lot of what I see, but I am still in the “show me” stage and will be until I see us become an SEC team. We are not now. We have the logo, but not the type team that the SEC requires. Will he give us that?

I, like Matt am very concerned about the defense. Will they be able to do it when asked to go back on the field over and over with very little time inbetween. Chavis was unable to do it with a whole lot more and better talent at A&M. What makes us think he can here with less talent and probably even less bench time?

All that said, it is going to come down to winning in Febuary. Can he do that. At least he understands Texas HS and what that means.

His hire didn’t excite me, and I don’t see any reason to get excited yet.

We will know in a couple of years.

I’m in agreement

Now that said our Hog brothers and sisters who advise caution have a point

Time will tell

But not having Delorian to speed I to the future

I’m thinking this is a Great Hire

Let’s see what he does

I can only say one thing to your post

YES - This

I like his resume. He took over an 0-11 SMU team and turned it around in 3 years. He learned how to run an elite program at Clemson. He schemed against ACC teams for Clemson like FSU, Miami, VT, etc. Clemson has proven to be innovative under Swinney and CCM helped develop the offensive style. CCM developed relationships in the Southeast while recruiting for Clemson. His roots as a HS Football legend in Texas is exactly what we have needed for decades.

I’ve had several posts on this - You guys know how I feel about the guy. But, I have been watching recruiting and seeing what is happening. Staying objective. I have been trying to be positive, but I am just not seeing a big, drastic improvement. How many offensive players are we gonna get? How many QB’s we gonna sign??? Looks like no focus on D.

It’s not a good hire. Bad hire. His resume looks like a candidate to go to a MWC, or low level power 5 school like Indiana. SMU is not close the SEC West. Name me one other SEC school that would interview him. Besides Vandy.

Staff spends too much time with the social media propaganda trying to force recruits and fans to see the Hog brand. It’s like a used car salesman act to me. Enough with all the pictures and cheesy hype. Then Justin Stepp comes out a few days ago with some crazy post about not developing kids on and off the field. We have a great history of doing that under several coaches. He needs to learn the history of our school. The guy should have been a bit better on what he wanted to say. It seems like all they wanna do is blame the old staff so they have an excuse when it doesn’t go well.

Way too much inexperience on the staff, especially offense. We have 2 championship winning coaches in our division, and every team has championship winning personnel.

SMU would have recovered with almost any other coach. That conference is so bad, anyone can win. So I really don’t wanna hear anymore about what he was doing there. They had some decent AAC caliber players. My neighbor has a son who plays LB at SMU. A lot of kids wanted him gone. Seriously.

Recruiting is not that good. We are 12th in the conference so far, 49th overall. That’s awful. Texas connections are good. But we aren’t even going to get the main targets for the in state kids. And, for the most part, these big recruits we have offered from Texas are going elsewhere.

The worst of it all is we have no choice now but to wait and see. You can’t blame him for taking the job. It’s not his fault. Nobody in his position would say no to all that money. He’s got a 3 year free pass. And his buyout is almost as bad as BB’s. We are gonna have to watch this and then pay him off when he can’t get it done.

Your assessment of Coach Morris’ buyout compared to Coach B’s is simply not true.

The Razorbacks would have to pay him a prorated portion of $14.7 million beginning this year if they terminate him for convenience, but that figure drops by $2.45 million each year.

If he were fired at the end of November in 2022 – following his fifth season at Arkansas as Bielema was – Morris’ buyout would be about $5.1 million. That is significantly less than the $11.8 million Arkansas is reportedly paying Bielema, who believed he was owed $15 million.

Morris would be eligible to receive 70 percent of his remaining salary if he is fired for convenience on or before Dec. 31, 2022. If he is fired on or after Jan. 1, 2023, he would receive 100 percent of his remaining salary.

Buyouts on Morris’ end are $3 million if he takes another job prior to Dec. 31, 2019, $2.5 million if he takes another job in 2020, $2 million in 2021 and $1.5 million in 2022. His buyout goes to zero on Jan. 1, 2023, the final year of his contract.

As for your other stuff:

QBs - will sign one

Offensive players - Right now it is 6 on offense, 3 on defense. One would think they would sign around 22 or so and based on the offers out, it would seem that it will end up around 50-50.

I couldn’t disagree more on their social media approach. One of the most brought up things by recruits these days. It’s big for them. May not be my generation’s cup of tea, but my generation needs to quit yelling at kids to get out of their yard and move into new age.

Recruiting is not where it needs to be. We agree on that. But it is an incomplete picture so far. You have pronounced that Arkansas will not get its key in-state targets. I believe you stated that Arkansas wouldn’t get Zach Williams and they did. If that was not you, my bad.

Arkansas is 2 for 2 so far in terms of in-state kids making decisions. That’s not 2 for 9.

While I don’t think they will go 9 for 9 because I think Darius Thomas will go elsewhere, Stacey Wilkins may (although there seems some confusion going on with him) and Jadon Jackson will want to go be a WR somehwere instead of a DB here, I currently feel that the other four who have been offered (Henry, Burks, Miller, Young) will end up here.

That would be getting two top 80 players nationally and 6 or 7 of the 9.

One would ask if you son’s friend actually played or did not? That usually colors an opinion about a coach.

After watching them work in practice, I really, really like Arkansas’ offensive staff whether they have enough experience in your mind or not.

I like the blend of old and new.

Your opinion - and that’s all it is - is that it is not a good hire. You’ve made up your mind.

Since he has not coached his first game at Arkansas, I am in an objective wait and see mode.

Your opinion is your opinion and I’m not going to try to change it, but I would like to address some points you made.

The idea that anybody could come in and win at SMU, especially after the mess June Jones left that program when Morris came in isn’t accurate. SMU has had 3 winning seasons in 33 years, one was with Morris. If it was that easy, then they could have picked up after a few years of the death penalty and that includes the weaker conferences they were in after the SWC died. Nevermind, the recruiting limitations the school puts on themselves.

I’d also be cautious taking the word of your neighbors nephew. I’ve known too many fans with some sort of “inside connection” to any particular program that predicts or states things that aren’t true(I’ve had to catch myself a couple of times with my basketball contacts). Whenever I read someone say that, I think back to that line in Spaceballs where the villain tells the heroine “I’m your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.” And just like the movie states, that means absolutely nothing. Making statements like that proves nothing without context. I’ve known plenty of players who hate their coach for harping on them all the time or being harsh trying to make them better, so unless there’s some clear context, saying lots of players(which is a loose phrase) wanted him gone is irrelevant.

And on the recruiting point, Arkansas is one of two SEC teams that don’t have double digit recruits at the moment. And considering we are only going to take 20-22 players, where most teams will take the max 25, we’re going to look light on the recruiting side at the moment. But let the staff finish the class and you’ll see it go higher in ranking both in the SEC and the country. So be patient there.

Never said anything about Zach Williams. I am glad a kid from my high school got a spot on the Hogs. And Henry is gone. He want’s to play in an NFL offense. Not some gimmick H back offense that never uses the TE. And if we get a bunch of WR’s, what does that do for the D? On and off the field every 3 mins? Not a good mix in the SEC. And, we should be much further in the rankings than we are. Catchup is not good, and that’s what we are playing.

Point is that we are stuck with him. And he’s gonna have to do a whole lot to impress me. For as many supporters, he’s got just as many non-supporters. And I totally feel he will be paid to leave within 3 seasons.

What has bothered me the most is that the powers that be have placed the future of the program in the hands of a coach with a losing record from a school/conference that is nothing like he has ever seen or coached in.

And please, PLEASE, stop bringing up Clemson. He wasn’t in charge of that program. He got Watson to come there. Big deal. He didn’t make the decisions. Dabo did. The guest on Bo’s show yesterday made it a point to say that he’s been given far too much credit for what was happening at Clemson.

Everyone just wanted something different. Including me. But this is too far to the other side. But a lot of folks are so desperate to win they will accept and settle for anything. And we settled.

I’m glad so many like the guy. I think he’s a nice person. But something doesn’t feel right about him being our coach, and I hope I am proved wrong.