Coach Killer U

So, listening to Paul Finebaum for just a few minutes today, JB, who I guess has a morning show here, told Paul that we were referred to as Coach Killer U. I don’t listen to his morning show, have better things to do, but he was pretty much kissing up to Paul. Said LK never had an interest here, and didn’t have an offer (some on here said he had a verbal offer, then went to Ole Miss). Basically, JB said no one was interested in coming here and we were stuck with Sam. Just wanted to get this off my chest.

First I have heard of Coach Killer U.

He’s obviously wrong about Kiffin.

He’s right about not a lot of coaches wanting to take on the challenge.

Why would anyone listen or watch Finebaum. He’s a goob and so are his guests.

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:crossed_fingers:Hopefully CSP will prove them all WRONG in a few years.

Just to be clear, I only listen to him for a few minutes in the afternoon on my grocery store run. I could never listen to 4 hours. Also, I have never listened to that morning show of JB.

We’re very fortunate to have hired a man that deep down wanted the job and will pour his heart and soul into reviving our program. I know he was not the glamorous heavily experienced head coach many was hoping for but it seemed we couldn’t find that guy that fit into HY check list. HY may very well put his job on the line by hiring CSP and he may very well have put himself on another level as a AD if CSP works out well for the Hogs. No one knows how this will turn out but CSP has already excited the fan base somewhat by just being himself at his press conference. Here’s to coach Sam Pittman and hopes of a long successful career at Arkansas. WPS

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Let them talk.

It will make our rise from the pitt of despair all the more enjoyable.


CBB got the hogs headed down hill and Morris took it to another all time low.
It will take some hard work by Coach Pittman to get the Hogs headed by in a positive direction.
PF is just an idiot and he loved CBB! Our hogs have been headed south every since the Missouri halftime meltdown followed up by the Belk Bowl halftime meltdown.
It’s time to get tough and learn to hit somebody again and that will help.
The SEC West is tough and that’s not going to change. Man up and get to work that’s all that can be done.

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I have seen you post remarks similar to this several times before, and I don’t doubt your belief in them for a moment. Do you actually hear 1st hand from other coaches that they don’t want to come to the Hill, or do you hear it 2d hand from media members, other coaches, sources? And also, would you be willing to post their names? That would be interesting to know who is secretly saying that. Because, obviously its not something a coach would say publicly. (I should amend…I can’t recall if I have seen from you or just other posters posting it here.)

JB is a yankee that somehow got a show down here. He is very negative about the Hogs and calls it keeping it real

His takes are stale and generally a regurgitation of others talking points

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My 28-year-old son Brooks works in Nashville for Creative Artists Agency, which represents coaches, athletes and musicians.

I was in Nashville the week after Coach Morris was fired.

I have several friends in the coaching business (most of them assistants) as well as a myriad of sources, mostly spread out through the SEC, but also in the the other Power five conferences.

I don’t ever state something regarding coaches or situations so strongly unless I am certain of it.

Oh, and as for outing sources - that will never happen.



Thanks for the even response. And I would never ask you to out a source. Do you think there were available coaches we would have/did go after in this search (or the last one) that are coaching somewhere else today because they wouldn’t even entertain an offer from us?


Obviously Mike Norvell is one after getting the brush off last time.

But there were guys considered and contacted during the search last time that did not want a sniff this time after back-to-back 2-10 seasons.

Walk away with 10 million to suck, no one wants that.

Yeah, I understand that. But imo, there’s nothing else about the UofA job that is not outstanding in terms of opportunity to succeed. A resistance to take on a tough “coaching” challenge - with all other things being equal or better may speak more to that coach’s limitations (mental toughness?) than anything else.

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and Finebaum says he is the “voice of Arkansas”…yeah…right

Finebaum is the voice of Finebaum only.
It’s an annoying voice as well.

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Told you he reminded me of Wally

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Far as I know, the only two Arkansas sports people on there are JB and Wally.