Coach K couldn’t make 2nd half

against Wake due to illness. Sources say he wasn’t himself from the start.

I hope Coach K is okay! He has remained the HC at Duke too long!

Hope he’s feeling ok. But a lot of UNC fans would think that not being himself would be an improvement :smile:.

Speaking of that game, Duke beat Wake on a bogus replay reversal. Dook player dunked a rebound with 0.4 seconds left which was clearly in the cylinder (and called as such). Then somehow they decided on replay that it was out of the cylinder, which gave Duke the winning points (although Wake darn near made a desperation shot at the buzzer). I watched it about six times and there was no way it was clearly out of the cylinder. Whether they should adopt the FIBA rules and make that legal is another issue, but for now the dunk shouldn’t have counted.

@SwineFusion, have you seen the video from above the goal? Stop this video at 0:54 and see if you still disagree with the call reversal. It is as close as they come, but from this angle it appears to be just off the rim… but perhaps the angle makes it appear that way.

Yeah I saw the video from above, which has some angle. I still think it was over the rim.


Close, but the CORRECT call.

Glad the officials gave this one to the Blue Devils, because Duke never seems to get any breaks :smile:.


That shot is at an angle, as I said. If the edge of the ball is over the edge of the rim, it’s in the cylinder.

Yes sir in was in the cylinder! Just a way the ACC can get a 1 seed for Duke maybe.

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