Coach Hatfield

Last evening the Northwest Arkansas Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) dinner meeting had Coach Hatfield as our speaker. He was commissioned into the US Army upon graduation from the U. of AR. He gave a wonderfully entertaining talk from his days at West Point, Air Force Academy, Arkansas, and other coaching positions. He added in lots of humor as he talked. He is a genuine, caring, Christian man, having dedicated his life to helping young men become good citizens along with playing their best in football. I recommend anyone with an opportunity to meet and hear him talk make every effort to do so. GHG!


Can’t go wrong listening to Ken Hatfield.


And if you are attending a meeting or presentation which has an invocation, the best choice is always Coach Hatfield. His prayers are thoughtful, reverent, and just the right length.


Coach Hatfield is an Arkansas treasure.

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One of the best people to ever come out of my hometown. He’s been making us proud for about 60 years now.

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Good to see former coaches, especially Hatfield, Sutton, & Richardson, participating in Razorback events & supporting the Arkansas sports programs.

Like many of you, I’ve had the opportunity several times to meet and talk with Ken Hatfield. He’s the real deal and, as others have said, a genuine Arkansas treasure…

I love Ken Hatfield. I can’t really say I know him or that he knows me, but I’ve had several short conversations with him over the years. I was a young boy when he was in HS. My hometown team played against his every year. About 8-9 years ago I happened to end up walking next to him leaving RRS. Mentioned one memorable HS game to him. He remembered it well. Told me interesting stories about some of the players on both teams, including one on our team that was head & shoulders the best player on the field. Unfortunately, he blew out a knee. It was a really enjoyable visit. He seemed to enjoy it as much as I did even though as we talked, I was in some ways still the little star-struck 8 year old & he was the star. A great guy.

You couldn’t think of a better person to put on the college playoff committee. Integrity drips from Ken Hatfield.

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