Coach Frost of Nebraska already had a warm seat

With this loss to Northwestern, I think it just went turned into an INFERNO.

Northwestern 31 Nebraska 28

What a great game to start off the college football season.

It was a very good game. I watched & rooted for NW. I’ve never cared for Nebraska.

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It’s breaking bad for Jesse Plemons…. Uh Scott Frost.

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You can appreciate the speed and athleticism of the SEC - both NU and NW were really slow in comparison.

Yes sir, thought the same thing. WPS

It’s hard to believe that Frost could be so good at UCF and so bad at Nebraska. Just about every Power 5 team with an opening wanted Frost.

That failed onside kick turned the game around.

That was a critical play yes, but it was more a tale of two halfs for the Nebraska QB. He was almost on Fire in the 1st half and in the second half he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.

I was yelling at NW for going conservative there in the 4th that they were gonna let it slip away, but I understand now. Nebraska had fizzled in the half and NW was forcing then to beat them by making plays and not giving the cornhuskers a chance to change the game with a NW mistake.

All in all I am a fan of neither, but I was rooting for NW.

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My hat goes off to NW…nice comeback and they played stellar defense the last 20 minutes. Smart kids, playing smart.

Mental toughness. Northwestern has some, Nebraska…

Nebraska’s onside kick was baffling. I suppose Frost thought that the way Nebraska was moving the ball he’d get one more score and put the game out of reach. Not the first time he’s tried to get too cute with stuff that worked at UCF against non-Power Five competition.

I was also baffled at the onside kick. The movement Northwestern got up front was also shocking to me.

I saw a tweet after this game that Nebraska has already left two voicemails for Sam Pittman. Joking of course, or is it?

I told my friend in Omaha that Frost ought to just resign now. Not even get on the plane in Ireland, just take a long golf vacation at Ballybunion and courses like that.

It’s too bad for him. If that kick would’ve worked he’d have been hailed as brilliant. It didn’t, so it looks stupid. I admit I wondered why he tried it. Nobody would have thought it was dumb to kick away. Now he’s gotta go 11-0 the rest of the way. He loses 2 or 3 more games and he’s toast. And he’s gonna lose at least 2 or 3 more I’d think.

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Nebraska has two winnable games before playing Oklahoma in Lincoln. Could be a banana peel game for OU, which does not play anyone the first two games.

Assuming Frost does not get fired next week, he really needs to win that game and then pile up some conference wins in October to have any chance of keeping his job. Their November schedule (Minnesota and Wisconsin at home, Michigan and Iowa on the road) could get ugly.

Brilliant decision if they recovered. Horrible because they didn’t.

I give NW credit as they made some half time adjustments to confuse the QB and that lead to the decision to make the Huskers have to make the plays to win which they could not do. Did anyone notice the 6 portal starters they had --they were from every part of country and another example of how teams change. Coaches do not know what they have until they play a number of games. I think that was factor. Pittman has said many times this fall, they did not know what they had with KJ when he started last fall. First half of Rice game confirmed that but KJ responded. Can Frost execute the same , would be my ?.

You have to learn how to win close games he obviously has not done that. When the onsidekick didn’t work I knew that could be a huge mistake because it gave Northwestern the ball at midfield basically… the formula he is using late in the game is not working, he is going to have to go back and look at that and change because what he’s doing is going to get him fired if he doesn’t.

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I believe he is almost going to have to do like Bullwinkle and pull more than a rabbit outta his hat or he is gone this year.

PS for those that understand the Bullwinkle reference, well… you must be an old fart like me :slight_smile:


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