Coach DVH

I saw DVH yesterday at Shiloh Christian. He was watching a 15/16 U tournament and he sat behind the plate with a radar gun. The job never quits for these coaches does it?

One of the many reasons he has a top program.

Can you imagine those young pitchers with coach pointing a radar gun at them. Can you say over throw the pitch?

You sure it was him? I just can’t imagine him being at a 15/16 tournament behind the plate with a radar gun. I bet it was someone else.

Since many of our recruits commit when they’re about 16, I’m not sure why it’s hard to believe he was there. From everything I’ve ever read about him, he works tirelessly, and that’s a big reason why our program is where it is today.

This is when they recruit, the showcase tournaments put more talent in one spot, and we’re playing during the high school season as well.

I’ve seen Dave out at tournaments like that this time of year. This is the heavy evaluation time for the baseball coaches. He typically will spend two weeks each summer at the Area Code Games in California, too.

The assistant coaches love that Van Horn recruits and evaluates with them. A lot of head coaches just delegate that work to the assistants, but not Van Horn. Tony Vitello told me that a lot. As an example, he said Van Horn would go to the Arkansas-Texas A&M football game in Arlington, but leave early and use the weekend to recruit in the Dallas area. That’s in the middle of fall ball.

The coaches typically get their down time in November and December. When the rest of us are vacationing in the summer, they are scouting.

Saw him in Tampa at Tropicana Field at the MLB PDP League watching Brooks, Winn, Moore, Wallace and Long. Wohlgemuth and Griffin didn’t pitch that day but he was at the workouts for a couple of days.

I don’t think PIG is doubting Van Horn being at that tournament. What PIG is wondering about is the part about Van Horn sitting behind the home plate with a radar gun. I wondered the same when I read it,

It was definitely him, no doubt, and he was radaring a pitcher from Oklahoma. One of the players on one of the teams was committed to Tennessee and I want to think that another was committed but I cannot remember the team. This team had players from all over the USA and it was said that they flew in pitchers for only a game.

I’ve seen him at a game with a radar gun, a stopwatch and a clipboard, notating everything he sees.


Sounds like he’s a all hands on deck leader according to Matt, guess edwaco was correct

I would be STUNNED if Dave Van Horn was scouting a game WITHOUT a radar gun. I think every coach generally takes a radar gun with them on the road recruiting. Why wouldn’t they?

I know that Dave cross checks all of their prospects with the two assistants. He will see and cross check every player before an offer.