Coach Dave Richardson


According to Isaiah Joe, strength and conditioning coach Dave Richardson is responsible for helping him and his teammates to have the confidence and ability to dunk. I for one would enjoy an article about Dave Richardson, his training, and what he is doing that is enabling our players to dunk. I wonder if Coach Richardson received a strong endorsement from our dunk fanatic Gashog?


Obviously Save Richardson needs a raise and extension. Dunks should be in the box score. Must be taught. This guy taught Joe a left hand tomahawk… best thing he has learned in college.

I have never met Dave, but obviously a great man.

One of the most impressive things I’ve seen thus far is the physical transformation of Mason Jones. It was noticeable in the Red/White game and when I saw him Tuesday, he might’ve lost even more weight. I’d love to know how much weight and body fat he’s lost. I’d guess 25lbs.

Also would love to know the stats on Joe’s physical transformation. He’s noticeably bigger and stronger. Would guess a good 10-15lbs of muscle was added.

Isaiah could dunk in high school. This one is unforgettable:

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How has Coach Richardson done with the football players? Any success stories in football?

Unless you’re making a joke… Coach Richardson only works with the basketball team. Trumain Carroll is the strength and conditioning coach for the football team

No, did not know that. I thought there was one strength and conditioning team, not separate.

Track has a strength and conditioning coach too, Mat Clark. But at least he works with both men and women.

Mat Clark

Why more basketball players don’t work on their strength and power is a mystery to me. Guys like Isiah Joe and Mason Jones could use some strength and muscle. Reggie Chaney at 6-8, 223 needs to be around 240. Basketball is the last major sport where muscle building and strength is not a priority. Look at golf…nobody ever pumped iron for that sport until Tiger Woods came along and changed himself from a 160 pound skinny kid to 185 pounds of muscle. Now, almost every professional golfer works out. You need to hit it longer…one way is to get stronger.

Look at the NFL and MLB. Today’s baseball players are big guys and strong. Home runs are where the money is.

If you have ever played basketball you know there is a need for strength and some bulk. There is so much physical play, you need to be stronger to compete, to get position, and to battle with your opponent whether under the basket or out on the floor.

Joe at 195 pounds at 6-5 would be more of a physical force and even more of an NBA prospect and a better player. It doesn’t take that much training to get that desired strength and size. Any good weight program working an hour a day 4-5 times a week in the offseason can get a guy to his goals.
During the season, a player might do strength training a couple of days a week to maintain what he built. It is just smart for a guy like Joe or Jones to be as physically fit and strong as possible, given the competition out there in the NCAA and the Pro world. A kid like Reggie Chaney already has a great physique, but at 6-8 and 222, he could carry another 10-15 pounds of muscle and be a real force. If a player is not working on his body trying to get it bigger and stronger while maintaining his speed and quickness, he is losing ground out there to the competition.