Coach Chad Morris

Any chance a 65 year old man can talk to the team.

I’d also like to talk to the BB team 34 year season ticket holder. THEN health reasons I hit the wall.

Also wish I could go on Bo’s show. But I was told Bo was funny about things like that. If anybody has earned it I have. A great time would be October 5th. I have got to be in Bentonville, training center for my reccurring remote pilot’s test at 1 pm. just 40 questions. Then I’d be through. I fly drones. It’s 150 buck that I don’t have. Brenda says let it go. I want it maybe my health will turn around. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO> I Could fly a pratice for the Hawgs. OR a cool Tour. As the Hogs we loadding up to go play the Aggies (Drake Air field)a guy told me who to go see. Don’t mention his name but a name and number were given to me…Never called LOL2 years ago I didn’t have or my health issues started. Anybody need a partner. I’m going to see a contractor tomorrow. Or this week. Mapping to Virtual Tours. Actually pretty cool.

NOT sure I could get there. I been to afraid to get a parking pass. Jan 10th 65 years old. NOT old but my body says other things…

JUST a wish list. AND A Baseball game, First class. CDVH alway told me when he went by the FOD’s in Van Buren I was the first person he thought about. Probally no body has ever had this request but if ya don’t ask you shall never receive…

Don’t know what’s next, and money is tight. I actually kind of know Jerry for reason better left unsaid.

Sure Mike, LOL, :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: