Coach Chad and Chandler Morris with Tom Lemming

Tom met with about 40 of the top prospects in the DFW area this morning and Chandler was one of them.

One of the perks of Chandler being a prospect. Morris was able to be there the whole time.

That has to be a grey area, i mean if he interacts with anyone other than his son, he would be violating recruiting rules, right?

Maybe he can corral about 20 of them for next year’s signing class, starting with Chandler.

Lots of positives about him being in Texas!

Nope. He just considered a “Dad” when he’s there supporting his son. He can talk to any player he wants as many times as he wants. That’s why I don’t understand why people get all upset when he goes and watches Chandler play on Friday nights. It’s a built in recruiting advantage.

Wood4 I wish all of the whinners could read your post about coach Morris going to Dallas on fri. nights…Great Post!

This! As a dad, I’m not going to miss my boys’ important activities and such, so I understand CCM decision and totally support this. As Wood says, it’s a great recruiting advantage plus it’s the right thing to do for his son. People are nit picking CCM about this because we suck on the field right now, and everyone is in a bad mood about our football team. Let the man do his job, build up the roster, and win some games, then this becomes a moot point. We won’t know about our ceiling under CCM for a few years anyway, so let’s see what he can do! He needs to be in DFW supporting his son bc there are a lot of parents seeing this there and seeing this as a positive. Could lead to some positive recruiting for us in the next few years?

I don’t think many people care if Coach Morris goes to watch his son play football. We wouldn’t even know about it if it wasn’t discussed in the paper. I had no idea he flew to the games to watch his boy play until it was discussed on this board. My mother and daddy used to come watch me play, but nobody said a word about him doing so. It was expected of a parent if he or she could get time off and could afford it. That is what parents do…they go to their kids’ games and to the PTA.

There is way too much information in our world and in our lives. I’m not sure it is a good thing.

I guess I would like to hear RD on this, I know a while back that someone by chance ran into a recruit in a hotel lobby and they had to report to the ncaa or something like that, I believe it was around the Texas Bowl in Houston.

Chance meeting rule goes out the window when you’re there as a parent.

I sent you a PM.