Coach CCM nailed it played too high an too soft

thank you!! exactly what needed to be said. there was not one OL I saw firing off the ball with the correct pad level and that is totally unacceptable at this level…playing soft …yeah! but in all the footage we see of practice,they play the same way and that can not be ALLOWED to happen!! Hopefully Fry will start to demand more effort out of these guys in practice and then we will see it start showing up in games.

I hope he got his message across to them b/c we really need to get to where we can run for 180-200 yds a game. lets Go Guys!! WPS!!

After what I saw Saturday, I’m thinking 180-220 might be a tall order for this bunch. Maybe when Capps learns the playbook and C. Jackson returns we can get more of a push on the left side. At this point, I’d be happy with 120-150. I really wish Froholdt did not have to play Center.

I totally agree about froholdt I would move him back to guard. You may be right about the 180 to 200 yards a game because the SEC Defensive line we’re going to have to face or among the best in the country they all have some big nasty guys up front and would be a challenge for anybody to block.

I do think we will add more running plays to the playlist as the season goes on maybe try to get outside and use our speed a little more

At the moment, the coaches believe the line is better with Froholdt at center and others at guard.

If Dylan Hays could get healthy and take over center, Froholdt could move back to guard.

But again, the coaches are at practice every day so I have to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one to this point.

I ve heard that being at practice so long that I have begun to question it because some guys are just gamers and that is what is important. That is what we see and so I am now officially less sold on the practice makes the starters. Long, long truism accepted as gospel that I doubt would stand up to Cynthia Frelund analytics. Check out her analytics for offensive tackle backsides if you got the time. If your execution sucks as bad as our OL did against Little Sisters of the Poor then what great benefit is getting us lined up right by the OC??? yes, I get it could be worse but that would be a true death sentence for the SEC excepting Ole Miss. Maybe end of yr then our best LG playing OC will be okay. What happened to the equally old legendary truism of next man up???

Froholdt was the next man up.

Hays would likely have started if he had been healthy.