Coach Broyles?

Does anyone have any information about how Coach Broyles is doing? I didn’t hear it, but others have said it was mentioned during the Louisville-Houston game last night that he was not doing well.

I checked. Coach Broyles is in a weakened state. He’s still able to function but he’s slowed down a bit with no major changes. He came to every home game but LSU. He is staying close to the house but doing fine. I do not think it’s a life-threatening situation, just a bit of a slow down.

JFB is even older than I had remembered; he will be 92 next month. It’s the very rare 91-year-old who doesn’t have health issues.

True story: One of my assignments when I went to work for UPI in 1982 was to write an obituary for Frank Broyles, to be updated at the time of his death. That was before the move to the SEC, before Nolan, before his wife’s battle with Alzheimer’s, any of that. UPI barely exists any more, but I wonder if that obit is still stashed somewhere.

It has been many years ago but I saw Coach Broyles at the NCAA Tournament in Lawrence Kansas when I think the Hogs play Weber State. I was standing next to him with my Hog stuff on at a snack bar. We talked for a few minutes, got our snacks and went our own ways. A very cordial man.

He was at the basketball game tonight.

Glad to see Coach at the game last night. He sure is getting feeble.

Shoot at 92 I’d feel feeble also, as a matter of fact I’m feeling feeble at 55 :smiley: