Coach Broyles service....from a caregiver perspective

I thought that Quinn Grovey did a wonderful job of honoring Coach (as did all). Quinn brought it home for me by telling us how Coach’s Alzheimer’s Playbook helped him care for his mom. And Jack Broyles talking about Coach giving his team a pep talk just two weeks ago while they visited hit home too. Anyone that has been close to or has been a caregiver of an Alzheimer’s patient can related to the remarks of both of those fine men. Me and my wife have been caregivers and close to friends with this dreaded disease. It has moments of heartbreak and moments of inexplainable tenderness and love. Thanks to Jack and Quinn for giving insights into what it’s like to care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

I also loved Coach Hatfield’s talk. He is a fine man and obviously loved Coach Broyles. It was shocking to see the lack of attendance to me. But I’m sure there was a big audience on TV. I also applaud Jack for his remarks on if you want to see Coach Broyles again you should give your life to our Savior Jesus Christ. Coach raised some fine kids.

There will never be another like Coach Broyles. Thanks to the family for allowing his service to be shown pubically for those of us that live out of state or who could not attend. Blessings to the family.


Amen !

And Amen.

I am beginning year five of being a 24/7 care provider for my 64 year old wife. Alzheimer’s and other dementia can absolutely devastate your lives. While I live in Tulsa and I am not able to take advantage of the Broyles Foundation activities, I attend a similar support group sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association. If it where not for that group I am not sure how my wife and I would have gotten through the last four years. For Coach Broyles to have written the “Playbook” and to establish the Broyles Foundation speaks volumes of his love for his fellow man. I think Coach’s “Fourth Quarter” was indeed his finest work.