THANK YOU SO MUCH! COACH BROYLES. As I have stated before on this board which I comment on very little, I am 65 years old and have been blessed to have been able to see the Hogs Play during their Glory Years which I think we still have many more glory years ahead. I got to see Billy Moore, Bobby and Bill Burnett, Joe Ferguson, Bill Montgomery, Chuck Dicus: who I see occasionly, I got to talk to Clay’s Dad on many occasions and I still have some hand written notes from Clay’s Dad when he would answer me when I had questions about our athletic program, Coach Broyles always took time to talk to me when I approached him and one of my finest moments is I got to set at the table with Coach Broyles among many other Razorback legends at one of the Hall od Fame Inductee Banquets a few years back. But the biggest surprise came years ago, My wife and I had just lost our home to a fire, we were still in shock, trying to hold ourselves together, and a UPS Truck pulled up and the driver saw my wife and I standing out front and delivered a large Box from The University of Arkansas. It had a GAME HELMENT in it signed by Coach Broyles. He had heard we had lost our home to a fire and had also lost our Razorback Memorabilia. Needless to say it was an emotional moment. God Bless You Coach Broyles and I Pray I can make it to Heaven someday to see you. By the way, that Helment sets right next to Sparky: MY 200lb Wood Carved Razorback. GO HOGS GO!!!

Thanks for sharing.

Wish you would post more. I love stories from people like yourself. I go back to the 69 shootout but it’s fun to hear about the earlier days.

Well done. There are lots of stories like that. Coach Broyles knew how to touch everyone in our state and did it often.

In September of 1992 my late father turned 80. He was a die hard fan and knew Frank and Wilson Matthews. Prior to his birthday I wrote Coach Broyles asking him for some type of birthday recognition from him for my dad. Well between when I wrote the letter and my dad’s birthday the next week, Broyles fired Jack Crowe and made Joe Kines acting head coach. I figured with all that was going on that Coach had a lot more important things to worry about besides sending birthday wishes to a fan. Imagine my shock and surprise when I came in from work later that week and found a message on my answering machine that started out “Please hold for Coach Broyles and then after about a minute the Coach himself came on and proceeded to give Happy Birthday wishes to my dad”. I was blown away. I immediately took the tape out the machine so nothing would happen to it, and that weekend when my dad came to town for the game in LR I played it for him and then gave him the tape. He was overwhelmed that despite all that was going on up on the Hill that Coach would take the time to do something like this.