Coach Bret Teams Finnish Strong

Lots of us knew this was going to be a growing year

But hey who ever saw how good a QB AA was going to be?!

Fantastic young QB

Very proud of what Coach Bret is building - I hope he stays a long time

Bama is Bama - - Coach Bret stays and Ark will beat Bama - maybe not every year for a decade like they have done us - but I can see it’s getting better and Arkansas will challenge Bama soon

Tex A&M - dang! They have subverted UTex - they look like the old UTex (spit) with all that talent - has TAMU replaced UTex (spit) for the best talent in Texas?

Auburn - It will be a war - I give Auburn the edge but I also wouldn’t be surprised that these Coach Bret Razorbacks beat Auburn - after all

Coach Bret teams get better as the season progresses

Win or lose this weekend

The future is bright !

Btw: when was the last time Arkansas stayed ranked this long in the top 25?

Go Hogs Go!

You folks be careful traveling to Auburn - They are a little unhinged down there right now

Go Hogs - and Woooo PIG!

I have always enjoyed the Auburn folks. I don’t trust their elevators, but they generally treat you pretty well as far as the support staff – maybe better than at most places.

Oh that’s right!

I forgot about the elevators!

Poor Coach Cheney

The best fans I’ve enjoyed in the SEC have been EOEK

The worst I’ve met have been UK

That is the slowest elevator of any stadium. It’s even slower than the one at War Memorial that gets stuck. And there is only one elevator at Auburn, and it’s not real big.

When we went down there in 2014, it was hot - probably 100 degrees or close to it. Several of us were waiting to get on the elevator and Jesse Palmer came walking past all of us, got on the elevator right as the doors opened and went up. Perks of the job, I guess, but it didn’t sit well with many in the line.

After the game, Chuck Barrett and I were waiting on the elevator. I told him the story about the coaches and he said something along the lines of, “I think I’ll just walk then.” I did, too. We made it to the ground level in about five minutes - probably around the time the elevator finally made it back to the press level.