Coach Boylen’s reaction to Gafford injury

First, Gafford had a big game last night, logging his most minutes (25) in a loss to Mavs. He had 13 pts, going 6-6, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks. Injury to Wendell Carter is what generated increased PT for Gafford.

I did not watch the game, but news services report that Gafford sprained his ankle, was in apparent severe pain but neither Coach Jim Boylen called timeout nor refs stopped the play. But a Mav player intentionally fouled so that Gafford can get off the floor. Not a good look for Coach Boylen.

Hoping Gafford injury was minor because Carter injury provides great opportunity for Daniel to make his mark.

I have not been able to find exactly when he got hurt. I was flipping through channels last night and caught the end of the game. He seemed to be OK at that point.

News report says he played through the injury. And I just read that he will be okay to play Wednesday.

he certainly looked fine on that MONSTER dunk that was on Twitter this am!


Read Chicago Tribune article from the game, nothing on Gafford being injured.
He will play tomorrow.

I was watching game when Gafford got hurt and it was indeed very strange that he basically seemed to be ignored. After play was stopped I think one young trainer or manager finally came out to help him and I never saw a coach check on him. I was then very surprised that he returned to the game. Weird to say the least.

Yes, the news report I read (think it was bleacher report) described the incident as you described.

Rookies get no love.

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