Coach Bielema vs Coach Patterson

I know from time to time Coach B will open his mouth and say something
where you just shake your head and think what the heck are you doing.
I also know that with Coach B, you get a coach that tells you exactly whats
on his mind and in his heart. I like that. I like that alot.

Now after the TCU game I noticed Coach B before he talked about anything
we did well, he complemented TCU and Patterson and talked about how
good a thing they had going there. He did this both at the post game on
the field and in the post game video interview. Patterson on the other hand,
had not one good word to say about Coach B or Arkansas, all he would say
is how many mistakes they made.

I thought Coach B showed class in complementing them and Coach P not so
much in no mention. Not saying he is classless, just saying I thought he could
or should have handled that better. He just came off that as kinda sour.

I can’t say I can remember Coach B as sour after a loss. I think we have a
class act as a coach and I really like him.

I agree completely. Coach B talked about Patterson on his radio show Thursday. He mentioned that he liked him and had great respect for him. Why Patterson didn’t return the favor is beyond me.

Heading into the game, in numerous interviews coach Patterson had nothing but praise for both the Razorback program and CBB.
It is far easier for a winning to coach to praise the loser than for a very disappointed coach to see past the mistakes that his team made that could have meant victory.
Look at the fans on this board. We won a game that really we were not supposed to win and people are still on here focusing on the negatives. Just think how a coach, who generally, in public has to take the blame for the loss, must feel.
Obviously I feel you are being a little harsh on a coach that just suffered a disappointing defeat and who showed nothing but class the entire game week.

Harsh? Hmm… I even made a point to say that he was NOT classless but he just handled it poorly and looked sour. If thats your
version of harsh, I guess we just have differing opines on what is harsh and whats not harsh. C’est la vie.

The video I saw, Patterson said “you can’t beat a good team making these little mistakes.” So there’s that.

TCU had a lot of opportunities to put the game away, but so did Arkansas. The Hogs couldn’t gone up 27-7 or 23-7 and it didn’t happen.

Richard that first & goal series has to have Enos already dissecting

Close the door likely with a TD and moving forward we have to get better and we will

Yes the botched kick hurt but needed to punch that baby in inside the 2