Coach Bielema now expects 20 signees...

with a couple of juniors that have not been playing to graduate and move on.

Right now there are 13-14 spots taken.

Reading about quite a few de-commitments at Tennessee already…could be a problem.

I want to see CBB sign several DL and OLBs to fill out the recruiting class.

What ever happen to Melvin Johnson, the d-lineman from last years class?

As I have stated many times, I think 8 of the 11-12 commits will come to school here regardless of who the coach is.

There are a few that would look as would be expected when there is a coaching change.

Not sure on Melvin Johnson

8 is about 1/3 de-commits…sounds about right.

I think he means 8 of the 12 that are committed now so 2/3’s staying with their choice.

Not 8 of the 20 spots

commits would for sure remain in my book.

The total class would be 20.

But there are 13-14 spots taken up when you add in the blue shirts

What did I say? 8/12 stay, 1/3 decommits.

I think we could keep two of the 4 that would look,

I think Gooden is gone.

I guess the more important question is that now that we are taking 20, does anyone else in state get offered? The OLs come to mind…

That need to find an assistant to work east Texas.
Is Horton the assistant that was once on the hill and sent packing that recruited Texas?
The overall number that come in need to be able to play. Out of the commitments now on board it doesn’t mean anything until they sign on the dotted line.

sorry i read it wrong

Its All Good.

Coach Horton mostly recruited Arkansas and the Memphis area to the best of my memory.

While the JC guys certainly will be expected to play right away, there is no way this coach or another one will have 20 signees expected or ready top play right away.

With the current coach, I would not think any of the other OL in the state get scholarship offers from Arkansas.

He’s seen them all and he clearly wants junior college kids that can play right away.

If there is indeed a change, I guess you could possibly see a different path, but since we do not know who that guy will be, it’s hard to make an educated guess.

Gooden wants to play with Agim at Arkansas. If he gets that opportunity, I think he will.

I’ve seen you say this twice now. The first time you phrased it as, “If it was up to him.” Can you clarify that statement, does he no longer have a committable offer, or does he have a handler? Or is it, he is just waiting to see who the coach next year is?

The statement stands on its own.