Coach BB expects to be DC at NE

Sure don’t have the same execution.

Belichick’s execution wasn’t too good in Cleveland.

Wasn’t able to watch those days.

Belichick has been blessed with possibly the greatest qb of all time, so I’d be sure that some of his success is directly correlated to that. I also figure he will ride off into the sunset very shortly after Brady.

Pretty easy to see how important all time great QBs can be, to the team and to a coach and his legacy.

Either way, he’s pretty dang good himself.

Bret doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath.

Of course not. Very few coaches could even come close to Belichick and his accomplishments.

I’m just saying one job doesn’t always define a person. I don’t understand the animosity towards Bielema, JLS or any other coach from the past.

Bitterness is a waste if time and can destroy a person. I know because I had to let go my ill will towards a person in my 20’s because I was consumed with it.

This is the same as when Saban appoints a DC, CNS is the real DC. CBB if appointed, will follow the Belichick system.

Not consumed with it or anything, I’m just not a fan of him. I think he’s a lousy coach, and I never liked him much as a person either.

He wrecked a program I love, that I don’t let go easily. That’s putting it lightly.

Consumed. Praying for you.

I appreciate that lol.

I think mostly it’s just that I had the opportunity at a different view than most around here. He didn’t wrap me around his finger like a lot of fans.

His coaching, or lack there of, sure didn’t either.

Never be a fan of the coach until given a reason, always be a fan of the program.

Not sure NE even has a defense so Bill doesn’t have to worry about it getting any worse.

We learned with CBB that he’s best when someone is telling him how to do his job.

If BB is the next New England DC, I expect them to be back in at least the AFC championship game (again), possibly the Super Bowl, and I expect him to get at least a sniff of head coaching vacancies next winter, as the last several NE DCs have done.

And I also expect all the haters to be falling all over themselves to again justify their hatred.

Y’all (redacted) really need to get some therapy. Richard is right; consumed is an appropriate word. And I’m not sure prayers are gonna help.

One of the angriest, condescending, argumenative posters on this board suggesting therapy for other posters. :joy:

Please don’t suggest the one you are going to - his job performance is lacking.

Richard this is really an interesting response - folks should not be upset with a coach that wrecked this program? Let’s hold up a second … do you even agree it was wrecked when Coach Morris arrived? I guess we need to start there to see if we agree on the facts.

As best I can tell this was the least talented roster in the SEC after five years of “rebuilding.” Do you agree with that?

Also, I tend to get more upset about things when I’m financially invested in it and feel like those charged with being good stewards of that investment have squandered it. Bet I’m not alone - costs a lot for a fan to go to road games, buy season tickets, Razorback Foundation Contributions, etc. I always shake my head when a journalist that attends games for free, eats free press box food, and gets paid to cover a team tells ticket buyers and contributors to a program how they should feel about the people directly responsible for the destruction of said program. Amazing really.

Y’all (redacted).
Haha. I love when you comment, it’s too fun for me.

Pats going back to the AFC/Super Bowl isn’t a bold prediction. However, say Brady retires, I guarantee you they don’t. Will he? Probably not, but he could.

Will the defense get better under Bret? Unless Bill is overwhelmingly involved and is in fact the main guy in the defensive calls, no, I expect it will get worse.

If Bret was as good as some thought he was around here, he wouldn’t have spent the last year learning how Bill likes his coffee. He’d already have a HC job somewhere in the P5, and if he was truly good enough, the NFL.

I don’t wish bad for Bret, I also don’t have to wish him to do well, because we already ensured that 11 million times over. How he does in coaching doesn’t matter one bit to me, I won’t lose sleep if does well or bad.

Amen, good post as always ! WPS

Part sarcasm. I like to be silly sometimes.

I understand being upset I get that. But I do think some of you get carried away.

I’m talking from experience. I had a guy lie to me about a business I invested in and it set me back for several years. I was young and he took advantage of me. I took responsibility and made sure the creditors were taken care of but I took a major hit.

My bitterness consumed me and I’m sure didn’t do my insides much good. I finally realized my anger and bitterness wasn’t productive and I eventually let go. It’s called life. It’s not always fair and fun.

Yep, over the last year I’ve came to the same realization. Letting it go maybe the best thing I could’ve done.

Thanks for the response, sharing your personal experiences, and clarifying it’s sarcasm. For the record, while I don’t like Bielema for several reasons, I really do hope he gets the DC gig at New England. Helps the Steelers and helps the RF’s coffers.

The program’s best interests over my personal thoughts on Bielema… always!

is nobody but me bothered by the self-promotion? it is and so is NESN attributing this as Bielema advocating himself over Schiano. Pats DC is proven launching pad for NFL HC. I’m waiting on our KARMA comment if Bret gets the gig. Vrabel is great in Nashville, Canada kinda sucky in Det and I have negative anticipation for Flores in Miami. Does player coach in college translate to players coach in NFL?

A big bag of wind for this undeserved self aggrandization is my opinion

One thing the Patriots do well is take misfits that have talent and get them cheap… BB has the misfit part down and will be cheap because we are funding him, two out of three isn’t bad.