Coach BB expects to be DC at NE

or so is the lead at Yahoo: … 27764.html

fire away and have fun

As a Steelers fan and someone who wants to see our hefty, buyout burden lightened I am THRILLED!

Do it Bill!!

They will probably pay him the minimum so we will still have to pay him the full amount .

I cannot see him equalling Vrabel or Flores, unless his player’s coach reputation is real. Bill and Brett what thought. Gotta get at least a million as a coordinator to keep the wage scale right for coaches who do pay attention to that kind of stuff. Don’t think Mr Kraft wastes money but he is not a skinflint either. How Bret can step into the booth and be connected seems impossible to me, guess Bill will be the real DC and HC is this happens.

well Brian Flores liked him early … ing-staff/

I thought BB was a horrible game day coach. If his pre-conceieved game plan was not working, he rarely if ever improvised or adapted. He would just sit on the sidelines with a helpless, befuddled, dumb look. I cannot imagine he has the chops to be an NFL defensive coordinator. Not nearly quick enough thinking on his feet. Then again, Rob Ryan was able to have some success in the NFL. If he can, then maybe lots of folks can.

With the league becoming more and more offensively centered each year… he’s about to get eaten alive.

Jackson, I agree. I live in Pittsburgh and find this will be a plus for our Steelers.

The bend don’t break won’t work in the NFL. He won’t last. How many years are left on his buyout.

ah, the end of a dynasty.

He didn’t live up to expectations here but was very good at Wisconsin so many fans judge him by his time at Arkansas only. I’m pretty sure old Belichick has a pretty good handle on what’s happening and it will be very interesting to see how it works out to say the least. WPS

New England’s defense is Bill Belichick’s defense. It’s not different than Alabama. There is a DC to handle the preparation on that side each week, but at the end of the day that is Nick Saban’s defense.

Bielema’s most success has come when he has been a part of a well-established system. He was the DC for Bill Snyder and Barry Alvarez well into their tenures at Kansas State and Wisconsin, and I think his defenses typically were among the best nationally. I would need to go back and be sure; just going off memory. And he was a really good head coach at Wisconsin with Alvarez as the AD/mentor. I think most DCs would have success in the Patriots’ operation. And if they don’t, they won’t be around long.

Remember that it wasn’t long ago that Bielema was well regarded in NFL circles. I heard he interviewed for the Dolphins’ head coaching job the year before he left Wisconsin. I think there might have been some interest from the Bears, too, at one point. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a team gauged his interest in the first year or two at Arkansas and we never heard about it.

He’s in a job that doesn’t require recruiting high schooler’s, probably work out…

I think this is no different than the changing DCs you have seen at Alabama. Bielema will be fine at the foot of the NFL’s best head coach. He probably will be an NFL head coach in one or two years. This is not the SEC West. It’s the NFL East and the Patriots will continue to dominate.

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I’m sure Cleveland fans thought Belichick was a horrible coach after he took over for Marty Schottenheimer, who had the Browns in the playoffs five years straight.

The irony of BB as defensive coordinator given what his Arkansas teams were lacking in that area is just too much fun on a cold day like today. Make it happen and give the UA some money back.

Kingsbury stills hold the leverage if this happens.

Bielema an NFL coach in a year or so? Ideal! That will eliminate the last portion of the Jeff Long buyout blunder!

Hope you are right!

Irony indeed - worst defense in the SEC his last two years if I’m not mistaken.

I doubt he is hired as the next DC let alone as head coach anywhere.

I believe you’ll be proven wrong. Bret took his staff to NE several times to see how Belichick and his staff did things.

They have a lot of the same philosophies.