Coach b

On sec teleconference at 11. I’m sure he will be asked. Probably get a no comment.

He may be fired before the telecast is finished.

I think so

Do y’all really think that would happen during the SEC Teleconference or are y’all just using hyperbole?

He will not be let go til after January 1st. Unless he takes another job in Coaching or Broadcasting.

Not literally , but I think it’s happening soon.

May wait until sunday, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sooner.

Everyone on this board knows I am not an “Insider”. But, I have a feeling Dan Enos will be named as our new
coach within a matter of 3 or 4 days. Sure he will be named “Interim”, but I think the BOT feels he can do
the job if we can’t get a fresh young coach who can inspire them and the fan base. If not Enos, we’ve got to
fine someone with a recruiting base in either Texas or Louisiana. This is a must.

This ride may be smooth or a roller coaster. Hang on!

It wouldn’t be Arkansas if it were a smooth ride :?

Enos will be the interim, he will certainly not be the HC.

He’s a failed HC and isn’t getting this job.

Rest assured…Dan Enos will not be the next head coach at Arkansas. Interim, possibly.

Literally? No. But they might as well. It’s clear to all involved he’s out. Putting it off at this point is simply about reducing the buyout.

Dan Enos arkansas fotball coach I hope not