Coach B truly a class act

And just saw the video of Coach Bielema after the game.

Wow. What a class act. He handled himself with such dignity and grace. Role model and an example for others.

I’m sorry he did not get the job done for us. I backed him all the way until the bitter end.

At the end, I came around to joining those who thought we needed to make a change, but I was not happy about it. I really hoped Coach B could have gotten us back to a bowl game and gotten one more year. Having to make this change is going to cost a fortune. But when you pay someone over $ 4 million per year, they have to win games. It’s a high stakes, high dollar business.

Sometimes it’s not a good fit – and that’s ultimately what happened here.

I think Coach B will go on to great success elsewhere.

And I know the U of A will get a great coach now, and I know we will all get behind him and look forward to the future.

It needs to happen soon. I understand why a story has to be made up and spun – been in business making money for a long time. But being that it’s not my first rodeo, I don’t like it when it’s so obvious that the truth is not really true. The sooner we have the new leadership in place, the better. Let’s get on with it. You guys who pulled off this coup – get it done now.


Well said and I agree with it all. WooPig