Coach B says there won't be any coaching changes pre or post bowl...

If he comes back with this same defensive staff he is idiotic. You can’t stop the run and today got beat consistently on go routes.

Did he say that in his post-game presser?

If he said that, he needs to be fired.

That simple.

Didn’t see comments but losing to worst team in conference and ending with 7 wins in year four is not inspiring.

To say all coaching improvement options off the table is a little striking.

If our expectations are winning titles, his seat has to be at least warm at the moment.

Not hot or in need of change,

But if being drilled by top have of conference and losing to worst at the end is our bar, seat has to be at least luke warm

Coach speak. That’s it. He has had turnover every year on his staffs (as do most programs). There’s no way he stands pat after this.

That said, as awful as the defense was and is, we should have won by 17-20 with MO only scoring 28.

This loss really hurts. Dunno about coaching changes. However, CBB dreams of championships are nonexistent unless the Razorbacks have a decent defense. Losing to the last place team in the east and being out coached, doesn’t bode well for CBB and staff. Without significant improvements next year, CBB will be on an extremely hot seat. I’ve said this before that once the expansion is completed and we don’t show any improvement, Long will have to do something or we’ll have a Houston Nutt situation. Banners will flying around Razorback Stadium demanding his ouster. Sad state of affairs right now. Hope, we win our minor bowl or the clamor will get worse. :frowning:

He hasn’t fired anyone at Arkansas since his arrival.

They’ve all conspicuously found employment elsewhere.

That way their resumes remain unblemished.



Nothing against Segrest, but if you could steal Coach O; you would improve recruiting some.
I like Smith, but results dictate that he must go now. Dave Aranda? Justin Wilcox? Dave Doeren? All former Wisky coaches…
Strong? If only for a season or two…

I don’t think that’s what he said. I think he said he’ll make no changes before the bowl & then at the end of the season he’ll evaluate everything & everyone just as he does every year. Look, if we can see problems, do you really think he can’t?

I thought that, too. Then, I rewatched the postgame and when pressed on it I feel like he said he plans to make no staff changes before or after the bowl.

However, the chances of this staff remaining intact for next season are pretty much zero. There’s just no way he stands pat with this defensive staff.

It sounds like he’s determined not to “fire” anyone, but you can bet your bottom dollar there will be defensive staff changes.

You may be right but I heard it differently. I am pretty sure he said he was not making staff changes before or after the bowl.


don’t hold your breath. he can’t seem to see any problems to fix at half time, ever!

He said that he wasn’t making any staff changes before or after the bowl. If he doesn’t address this defensive staff he’s gonna eventually be the casualty. You just can’t accept mediocrity and the defense has been mediocre for two years. He needs to pony up the money and go get a real defensive coordinator and some recruiters. The entire defensive staff are suspect. There was not one position that stood out. They don’t play as a unit. I’m getting pissed just writing this. Yesterday was an embarrassment. We don’t have a pass rush, we can’t cover and we can’t tackle…Fire everybody on the defensive side.

I was uncertain about exactly what he said, because I thought it was bit ambiguous, but I’ll accept your interpretation. Either way, I think you’re correct about his intentions. He can’t publicly proclaim or admit he’s going to make changes right now. We’ve still got a bowl game to prepare for. He doesn’t need to be telling a coach, “you’re toast” at this point in the season. I will be surprised, no shocked, if there aren’t some significant changes.

I agree it is coach speak. CBB appears to be a coach that likes to “help” a coach find another job instead of firing him. I too would say there won’t be any changes. CBB is being political in the media while he is pulling strings and turning knobs behind the scenes.