Coach B, Involved more in D?

I think from reading the article, he might of chewed Rob smith butt a little bit which was right in line. If your head coach has to get more involved in your game plan, thats sounds like you have one foot out the door. I seen where smith, also said that the kids need to play faster (Ummmm buddy that was not the problem), the problem was that they were not in position to make tackles such as not setting the edge and the safeties tackling like they were in pop warner. I can see just your team not being able to make plays but the tackling and EFFORT was terrible, number 5 gave up on a play and just pretty must walk and looked at the play. I expect a better effort this game, and hope the end results are better…

I agree with you. The head coach saying he may need to get more involved than usual isn’t a great vote of confidence. He did say that he hasn’t yet gotten more involved. Sunday and Monday were the same as usual. But obviously he’s considering it. Not the best of signs for Smith.

If he is not in the install meeting, he damm sure peeking his head in the door because that effort was beyond terrible, it looked like people just didn’t know what to do…

I agree. It doesn’t look good for the DC especially if we give up a bunch of yards to Ole Miss.

Were most def going to give up a whole a lot of yards to ole miss, but the key is I think our offense will keep pace and the crowd will get into int and get a couple more stops…

This is correct. Following both loses he has mentioned schematic issues that have haunted us this year and, honestly, throughout CBB’s tenure (awful pass defense in the middle of the field and continued problems with running QBs and turning those same QBs into better passers than they are against most everyone else, big play busts in the passing game at the most inoportune times).

When CBB says on national TV at halftime that the TAMU QB can’t throw and he proceeds to shred us) it has to be a major issue.

The biggest issue I see is a lack of progress. The bend-but-don’t break philosophy won’t work if the other teams are–despite schemes designed almost exclusively to stop big plays–gashing us for big plays while we mostly stay in vanilla defenses designed to limit busts and big plays.

It seems to me that CBB’s biggest frustration is that we aren’t able to hang our hat on anything and we are being thrown around by things that should not be unexpected.

I expected us to load up to stop the run and make Hurts beat us with his arm. For all the things he does well, he is a limited passer.

But, he was in the rocking chair all night. The few times we made him make a play we had some results. He turned the ball over and when he didn’t have easy reads (fed to him pre snap by Kiffin) we were able to get stops.

This week is big. Kelly is very talented and is going to make plays. But he has also shown that if you get him rattled he’s going to make mistakes that lead to turnovers and points.

I’m sick of the opponent dictating the action. It’s time for us to do some dictating.

Clay has told us many times that they are running Bielema’s defense. Maybe Smith does not know how to teach what he’s been handed to run.

His response on Smith sounds a lot like his response after half on the referee to Holly

Tongue in cheek but clearly agitated

I think what Robb wants to do is more than what his players can do. Good coaching is running what your players can run. If they can’t run it, then you have to change it. That’s what Bret told him to do, change it. It appeared to me that late in the first half Robb brought his defensive coaches together and drew up something on cards and handed it to them. They then went to their players. Whether or not Bret instructed him to do that, I don’t know. But they made some changes in how they were going to align at that point.

The guy I thought would be the dominant player on this defense is Deatrich Wise. He’s not been that. Whether or not teams are staying away of, not sure. I do know he’s got some kind of a hand injury and that appears to have slowed his production, too. He was not a great player in the first half of last season. He was the second half. He has been more like the player I saw in the first half of last season. Not sure if he’s not able to get off blocks because of the hand, or why, but he’s not been making plays.

Someone surely needs to get a handle on it; according to Saturday Down South the Razorbacks have given up 1108 yards on 110 plays last two games. Just over 10 yards per play.