Coach, at least don’t wear that front facing large hog logo sweat shirt

Personally I’m more a traditionalist and don’t care for that front facing logo thing.

Looks even worse on coach B with that oversized front logo thing going on.

Honestly to these eyes with little fashion sense it seems almost high school or D3 logo stuff but I’m not cool I’m sure.

We may lose Saturday night on national tv but let’s at least wear a traditional classic logo wind breaker jacket, or at least a one with a small front facing logo if that is somehow seen as cool by Powers that be who think national marketing strategy.

Yes we have debated all else - thought I might throw out a fashion thread - ha

Quite frankly, I think it’s a good-looking wind-breaker. But I care less about what’s worn on the sideline and more about what’s taking place there.

The sweatshirt he wore against Texas A&M was not a good look, but for the most part he has been dressed night.

As a fellow big guy - although not as big as him - it’s hard for us to find much that makes us look good anyway.

Ha. Me too. Somehow that oversized front facing logo seems to draw more attention to the sweat shirt.

I think more classy the windbreakers he has done with much more subtle small logo myself.

A hawg is a hawg. I like it fine…

I think the big guy should go “old school” to change things up.

Blue blazer, grey slacks, white poplin dress shirt, red and white silk rep tie. The blue blazer had a red hog on the pocket.
That was the team dress during the Broyles era.

If he can find a hat big enough for that head, top it off with a grey fedora, not a Larry. You know, Tom Landry-like.

Love it

They keep playing the way they have been he’s going to start needing to wear the pink ala Coach Reggie Herring. :smiley:

I do like the frontal mascot look but I would appreciate a new design. I like the LSU Tiger look.

I’ve taken a liking to Paul Rhoades’ cap, especially the white one, he wears on the sidelines. Has a front facing hog and that is it. Simple and clean

Also not too impressed with that thing he’s been wearing

what was the hsshtag trending on Twitter about that mumu? it was funny

The reason that I don’t care for the front-facing hog is that from a distance it looks like a red wolf. That along with the wolf howl when calling the hogs is too much.

Finally someone who sees what I see…